#1 Absolute Best Remedy for Dry and Wrinkled Hands

Lotion might if truth be told make your palms drier. Give this treatment for dry and wrinkled palms a check out as a substitute.

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0:00 Introduction: Fix dry and wrinkled palms
0:25 Will lotion repair dry palms?
2:13 The microbiome to your skin
4:57 The pH of the skin
5:25 Focusing on what is going on internally
6:20 How to mend dry and wrinkled palms
8:00 The perfect dry palms treatment
11:04 Check out my video on anti-aging!

Today, I’m going to percentage the finest treatment for dry palms. It’s necessary to take into account that the whole lot you set to your skin will get absorbed into the bloodstream and is going to the liver.

You wish to be certain that the whole lot you set to your skin is secure. Many non-public care merchandise and even faucet water include chemical compounds that burn up nutrients and are harsh to the skin.

There are pleasant (non-harmful) microbes that survive your skin, that are crucial for your skin and your well being. It’s necessary to have a wholesome surroundings for the microbes to your skin.

Your skin‘s pH is acidic, and in case your pH turns into extra alkaline, many various issues can happen. So, you need to be certain that what you set to your skin would possibly not mess along with your skin‘s pH.

It’s additionally necessary to concentrate on your nutrition and what is going on internally along with your frame to assist repair other issues which might be taking place externally. Lowering your carbs and doing intermittent fasting is a smart position to start out.

How to mend dry palms:
1. Avoid issues that lead them to dry (like petroleum-based creams)
2. Put fat-soluble nutrients again into the palms (nutrition A, D, E, and Okay)
3. Don’t regularly kill the pleasant microbes to your skin with out giving them time to refill

The perfect house treatment for dry palms:

1 egg yolk
1 tsp. (14g) uncooked honey (ideally manuka honey)
2 tbsp. (26g) extra virgin olive oil

Mix the components in a bowl and practice the mix in your palms. Leave the mix to your palms for 20 mins, and then wash your palms. It’s perfect to try this two instances per week, proper earlier than you pass to mattress.

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Thanks for observing! Try this easy and efficient treatment for dry and wrinkled palms.

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29 thoughts on “#1 Absolute Best Remedy for Dry and Wrinkled Hands”

  1. I can’t take you seriously or credit you with any integrity if you are going to use deceptive pics to get views… you don’t need to! I’ve been following you and sharing your videos constantly for a while now. With this false advertising I’m wondering what else is not believable…🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Honestly I m a big fan of dr berg videos watch them all within hrs of upload..but this recipe is not my favorite..I wud actually call it a stinking mess..I get better results and less hassle from simple application of coconut oil on damp hands.

  3. I have been curious why it seems women generally wrinkle more than men as they age. Is it a hormone thing, or all the products they put on their face over the years?

  4. It discredits videos when they have such a click bait photo on them. Seriously you would have to be blind to not see that those are two different hands…

  5. I get serious break up, splitting skin that opens up and I bleed on everything. Ive tried just about every "Over the counter", steroid, petroleum based product, even wrapped in cotton gloves or surgical gloves. After about a week it all returns. I will give this a go for 2 weeks and see what happens. Thanks

  6. Rubbing half squeezed lime/lemon for a couple of minutes every day does magic for hands!
    The other half of the lime/lemon can be added to your morning tea!
    It softens the skin and it helps with the dark spots not appearing on the back of your hands!

  7. I personally think this recipe is good enough to be used on the face and even as a hair mask too .thank you Dr Berg.l am constantly busy with water and tried all kinds of hand creams which does not much to improve the appearance of my hands and will most definitely try this recipe

  8. It is!! a completely different hand in the pic.

    plus the reasons he's saying use a chicken embryo is the reasoning people use children's blood and skin for their beauty regime.

    I'm looking into hemp. I've been using a hemp cream and the difference is awesome. still using my own hands haha..

    I do like how explains germs and links communication in the body the same as humans getting along… this is great info… I was amazed to hear this and then he recommends the egg yolk

    it's ok .. awakening us a process and we're all doing the best we can.

    peace to you all. xx

  9. I've watched 100% of all Dr. Eric Berg videos ever made, and I can tell you all that the #1 solution to every health problem ever, is eggs. I now eat only eggs, drink only egg yolks, bathe in eggs, you name it. I'm never going to die because of this, however if I do, my will states to bury me inside a large egg shell.

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