3-MCPD in Refined Cooking Oils

There is one more reason to steer clear of palm oil and query the authenticity of extra-virgin olive oil: 3-MCPD.

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If you overlooked the former video the place I introduce 3-MCPD, see The Side Effects of 3-MCPD in Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (

There is not any replace for human breast milk. We perceive this will not be imaginable for adoptive households or those that use surrogates, regardless that. In the ones instances, search for a close-by milk financial institution (

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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21 thoughts on “3-MCPD in Refined Cooking Oils

  1. Dan Ryan says:

    So what does this mean for things like tahini and peanut butter? The seeds or nuts are generally roasted during processing so wouldn't this also release 3-MCPD oils?

  2. Wade Ricky says:

    Am an African, and our traditional diet is full of fruits, vegetables, tubers, grains and beans sprinkled with palm oil! And equally very very low in animal protects! We’re almost plant based most of the time! We never fry anything, we just boil them! So am wandering, do boiling palm in a soup generate this MCP something? By the way, I will never get away from our traditional meals!

  3. Bradey's Brain says:

    This is what I don't understand, if you have an unrefined canola oil say, then you cook with it is the 3-MCPD being created from the cooking with the oil at temperature or it only comes from the treatment process of the oil??

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