5 Things This Dermatologist Would NEVER Do! | Dr Sam Bunting

It’s no longer unusual for sufferers to be stunned after I counsel they skip toner or scrubs. Sometimes they really feel a bit crestfallen after I with courtesy counsel they’d be and not using a specific oil they have been relatively hooked up to.

In this video, I proportion 5 dont’s that I persist with persistently.

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46 thoughts on “5 Things This Dermatologist Would NEVER Do! | Dr Sam Bunting”

  1. Very solid advice here, lol not debating that; simply sharing my experience.
    I have used rosehip seed oil as my moisturizer (and really my only skin care product after cleansing) for many years. I do believe, which she did mention, that it depends on the individual. My skin has always been on the dry side, and I have literally never had problems with breakout. The Rosehip seed oil does not leave my skin oily at all, and never blocks my pores, and in spite of trying many, many different products (from the drugstore brands, to the dermatologist recommended and/or sold,) not one of them has done anything significantly better for my skin than the Rosehip seed oil does. I do believe someone with very red, sensitive, or acne prone skin, a dermatologist’s advice is your best friend. I see mine every 6 months.

  2. No foaming cleanser? I'm trying to change into gel cleanser, so far no product suits my skin. Gel cleanser irritate my skin, making it itchy, feels moisturized after but instead making it flaky (peeled skin), and increase my whitehead. 😢 in the end i need to go back to foam cleanser.

  3. You're full of it. I'm acne prone and super sensitive. I react to everything. Oils are my HG especially rose hip oil. It doesn't have to be formulated in dreams. Our skin barrier consists of fatty acids. Certain ceramides are only produced when those fatty acids are present. So for ppl with a comprised skin barrier the right oil with the right amount of fatty acids can be a cure. Why the heck does that have to be formulated in a cream? You're such a shill dude. I know not everything natural is automatically better but oils are different. They can add to your routine. Especially for break out prone people. Studies have showj that acne patients lack certain fatty acids. So when you add them it can balance the skin. People with fungal acne should stay away from oils and if you as a derm doesn't know the difference between a patient with fungal acne and a patient with, say, acne due to a comprised skin barrier you should stop talking about acne.

  4. My favourite body sunscreen is by Caudalie and it comes in a spray bottle. But I personally LOVE the formula and the scent is lovely as well. I have sensitive skin but this milk never irritates it. I’m usually using fragrance free skincare but I do enjoy some products with fragrance in it I’m not gonna lie. So use whatever works for you, I guess.

  5. Do you mean any kind of foaming, or like really FOAMING? Because I have super dry and itchy skin, and us the nuxe reve de miel face wash, and it's literally one of the only soap things that does not leave my skin dry and itchy.it just feels..calm and plumpy.But am a bit confused now

  6. Thank you for this video, I was just about to buy a body exfolilation glove but I have fibromyaglia and in turn alloydnia and it would definitely mess with my sensitivities! Thank you, glad I didn't waste my money!

  7. You don't have a doctorate AND most importantly- properly formulated foaming cleanser without any stripping actives and a good PH- level, is nothing to be nervous for.

  8. I've been using all sorts of oils for over two years now. Every morning and every night before bed. I can only say good things about them. Olive oil, rose oil, jojoba oil, lemon tree… Tons of them.

  9. I love love face oils. I buy organic camellia seed oil or organic Raspberry seed oil that are eco cert and co2 extracted.. but I also make skin care. They are beautiful and lovely. Been using them for 10 years

  10. For years I had awful cystic acne and very oily skin. So of course I stayed well clear of skin oils and agree with everything you said about that, for the blemish prone.
    But now that my acne has been 'cured' by isotretinoin, I have been left with extremely dry and sensitive skin which often 'breaks out' in red, angry, dry bumps (NOT pimples).

    Would you still recommend steering clear of face oils? I wouldn't be worried about breaking out anymore, as I haven't had a single spot in months and months. What would be the downside of using a face oil (rosehip, for example) now?

    Thanks for the great advice.

  11. Yes I’m going to go to reapply sunscreen when leaving work for lunch and take a glob and ruin my make up instead of spraying a sunscreen over my face ….🤣🤣🤣🤣…I’m sure my law Partners and potential clients would appreciate my appearance when I walked in! No everyone has this luxury!

  12. I have dry-normal skin and used only oil to clean and moisturize for 6+ years, i'm 28 now and many friends think I have very good skin, I can't tell if it's the oil or my genes

  13. Hi Dr Sam. I'm a big fan and a user of your products. (BRIGHTLY SERUM IS EVERYTHING)
    I just noticed you called yourself a dermatologist in this video. I thought you were a doctor, but not a dermatologist. I've never heard you use that label for yourself. Can you please clarify? Thank you. ❤️

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