694. Truth About Cooking Oils: Ancestral Eating + The Benefits of Healthy Fats w/ Dr. Cate Shanahan

This week, Lindsey is joined by Dr. Cate Shanahan, Cornell-trained physician-scientist whose work has inspired much of the seed oil-free movement. In this episode, Dr. Cate reveals the connection between cooking oils and chronic disease ahead of her forthcoming book, Dark Calories.

Dr. Cate uncovers the ways industry money and propaganda have influenced current dietary guidelines and why we must abandon them if we want to protect our health. Get ready to learn the top five healthy oils to use in your cooking as well as the ones to avoid at all costs.

Plus, Dr. Cate takes us on a journey through her personal health struggles and the ways in which diet and healthy fats helped heal her body. For all the wellness girlies out there, this episode is the education we needed on nutrition, seed and vegetable oils, and navigating a corrupt food industry.

We also talk about:

The impact of Procter & Gamble’s funding on dietary recommendations
The detrimental effects of seed oils like corn, canola + sunflower
The rise of chronic diseases linked to unhealthy oils
Strategies for eliminating seed oils from your diet
The importance of introducing ancestral nutrition from a young age
How convenience culture shapes our dietary habits
The benefits of cooking with natural fats like butter + coconut oil
The role of sugar + processed foods in current health issues


Instagram: @drcateshanahan
Facebook: @DrCate
Twitter/X: @DrCateShanahan


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