Adding sugar to cold process soap recipes – How to make sugar syrup and use it for soap making!

In this video I percentage a very simple sugar syrup recipe that may be made in a couple of mins, saved within the refrigerator and added to your cold process or scorching process soap recipes.

Sugar is a superb factor in soap making. It is helping to spice up the lather of a wide variety of recipes and is particularly helpful in castile soap making and different soap recipes with top quantities of olive oil or different unsaturated oils that have a tendency to have much less lather.

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Sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide (lyes) utilized in soap making, in granular or flake shape or in answer with water/different liquids, in addition to uncooked soap batter, are extremely corrosive and require cautious and attentive dealing with and the correct use of private protecting apparatus. Please watch this video to be told extra about very important soap making protection precautions:

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46 thoughts on “Adding sugar to cold process soap recipes – How to make sugar syrup and use it for soap making!

  1. Neba chris says:

    Please Eli am from Cameroon following you're method to outnumbered the traditional method in my country. Thanks for your method i have been having this question which are. Why are you not using sulphunic acid in your liquid soap , why are you not using foaming lather and carbonate in you're soap

  2. mashael i says:

    Thanks dear for sharing this info 🙏💕
    can I do this method with salt ? because I’m using sheep tallow & ghee in most of my soaps and they are little bit soft even if make them with hot process method 😅

  3. Liz the Disjointed Zebra says:

    Awesome video!!! I always try and incorporate sugar in some form into my soaps, I love using local organic honey, and different fruits and vegetables. But a simple syrup is a fantastic idea, especially for colored soaps, I wonder if it won't discolor as much as honey does.

  4. siobhan cooke says:

    I suppose you could also use golden syrup in soap recipes. I find mine crystallized as I don't use it quickly enough through baking. So using it in soaps is a good way of getting to use it up quicker before that happens.

  5. Consciousness says:

    Ha haha, we are in alignment! I made this sugar syrup for the first time 3 days ago, following a food recipe, to use for soap making. I used 200g white sugar to 240g filtered water, and simmered it until it thickened a little like runny honey, keeping its clear transparent colour – no caramelising, I tasted it with my finger, and it is as sweet as honey.. I put it into a small 250ml glass bottle and the fridge, and was advised to use it up in 1 month, though I guess this is for food use. Sugar syruping for soap is just a good idea – it means you can add it easily to the water for the Lye, or directly into the oils at trace. The way to go for introducing bubbles, and lather – and an excellent simple cheap additive for 100% olive oil Castile type creamy soaping. I have only been doing this 3 months and I’m now obsessed, wanna make some soap every 3 days. 🤪 🤩 ✨

  6. marion lacey says:

    I enjoyed this video Elly, as I always do. I normally add sugar to my lye water and dissolve before adding the caustic soda. I didn't know about using sugar syrup and I will give this method a go. I am assuming I will need to reduce the amount of water in my lye solution. Thank you for your helpful instruction. 🐾🥰

  7. Diane Rodriguez says:

    I am not trying to be rude and I’m asking for a good reason but why would we want to use a soap that’s made up of sugar if bacteria love sugar and if I had pimples or a scrape on my skin wouldn’t the soap promote a higher risk for infections? I feel that if I use this soap, I would need another soap to wash off the sugary sweet soap. If it only smelled sweet then that would make more sense to me.

  8. Peace Beauty says:

    Most times I add citric acid to my distilled water before adding my lye. With that can I still add the sugar syrup? Thank you so much for helping me through my soaping journey. You are a great teacher❤️🥰

  9. Consciousness says:

    Would love your thoughts on this Elly, about sugar and trace. I made some soap yesterday using coconut, rice bran & castor oil with a water ratio of 1.5:1. Added 1tbsp sugar syrup, kaolin clay, oatmeal flour, indigo pigment, and I spatula stirred mainly to emulsify, stick blending for no more that about 30 seconds. Then once I added the 15g essential oils (peppermint/eucalyptus) last thing, & started stick blending, the 1000g batch seized up almost immediately, into a huge thick unmoveable ocean wave lifting out of my bowl.

    So this is what they mean by acceleration eh? In a crazy rush I grabbed a loaf mould (my 12 cavity mould was not gonna work), and scooped most of the soap batter in like a mad woman. Even before I put it in the warmed oven (CPOP) covered with a cardboard top, I saw already a big central translucent gel phase rectangle covering most of the batch. Looked amazing, to see so quickly! And I’m sure there will be plenty of quirky air pockets to be found when unmoulding it later as I had only seconds to press the mass down.

    So, full of questions now – what caused that? The water discount, the aloe/water mix for the lye solution, the SUGAR SYRUP, the rice bran, the temperature (95/105f lye & oils)??? Trace was definitely powerfully speeded up for sure. I think I will ratio the water to lye back to 2:1 next time, and super fat at 5% instead of the 6% that I used. Sooooo much to learn. Got me a beautiful green soap loaf though, and an unexpected adventure and a half. Phew! 🤩✨

  10. Bird Moon says:

    thank you Elly, i used to add sugar as a powder in the lye water before making lye solution and it works.
    But i'll try your method soon.
    again thank you for sharing 🌷

  11. Om Omar says:

    I already have a syrup with a little bit of citric acid (prepared for sweets). Can I use it for soap making and how many grams do I have to add if I want to make 1 kg of olive oil soap and when to add it.
    Kind regards

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