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35 thoughts on “AI WILL PUSH THE πŸ’₯ BUTTON

  1. @waiting4theking360 says:

    Judgement is on its way! The Tribulation period is getting ready to start. Read the Book of Revelation. Believe in Jesus as your Saviour while you still have the opportunity. The Bible tells us what is going to come upon this entire earth.

  2. @brooklyn7392 says:

    Look at the shows from back in the days Star Trek with Will shratner all that technology from that show is now real the government is 20 to 50 years ahead of the population as far as technology by the time you see it in the movies the technology is real television means just that to tell a vision it will be Terminator 2 if they let Ai go humanoid

  3. @brooklyn7392 says:

    If Ai goes humanoid meaning robots like Will Smith iRobot they will be able to control everything internet everything's smart even your phone just by thinking about it they will be able to build themselves the only thing that will help us is an EMP we will have to blast ourselves back to the Stone age just to get rid of them AIA does not need arms and legs leave it in our handheld devices

  4. @brooklyn7392 says:

    We are going to need a emp one day hope everyone learns how to build one and not for bad purpose either if you get what I mean the whole us fleet is going Ai drone technology unmanned fighter technology and the same on the ground with robots reason less loss of life until they turn on us

  5. @brandonm345 says:

    More navy vessels won't matter Iran China Russia and N.korea all have the capability BALLISTICLY to sink any of our ships don't think so well Iran struck the most Ballistically protected airbase in THE WORLD successfully. Games over just prepare America as we know it is finished. Banks are insolvent, we are sending billions over seas just for them to send the immigrants here so we build them up and we go down none of this makes sense to defend America none of it however if your plan is to destroy it it's all going just fine… Jesus Christ Saves God Bless you all

  6. @michelleporras6915 says:

    Hello Adam, … prayers to you and all you do, and your family.
    I tried ordering Jase with your discount of $50.00.
    But it only gave me $10.00 when I put your code. I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong ??? 🫨

  7. @BidenOurTime says:

    I don't take the time enough to comment and tell you guys what a great job you're doing you've improved the situational awareness millions of people at this point that's something to be proud of

  8. @user-dn1ni5nv7c says:

    MARSA is a treatable skin infection. This happens within an athletic program throughout the US. It takes a few weeks
    to develop, not over night. Take some antibiotics & clean the wounds. Not life threatening.

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