AMAZING FOCACCIA BREAD | How to Make it in 6 Easy Steps

Italian focaccia bread is an incredible gateway to the the arena of bread making. This recipe simplifies the dough making procedure, step by step, in some way that is simple to perceive. The effects are really wonderful.

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(makes one 9″x13″ bread)
All-Purpose Flour, 100% – 600g (4 1/2 Cups)
Warm Water, 75% – 450g (2 Cups)
Coarse Sea Salt, 1% – 6g (3/4 tsp.)
Extra Virgin olive oil, 3.3% – 20g (2 tbsp.)
Active Dry Yeast, 0.15% – 1/4 tsp. (Instant is just right too or 4-5g recent yeast)

Garlic Confit, as wanted
Fresh Rosemary, as wanted
Coarse Sea Salt, as wanted


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Intro – 00:00
Why Focaccia is superb for newbies – 00:11
Mixing the Focaccia dough – 00:55
Why folding dough makes nice bread – 02:37
Folding the Focaccia dough– 02:52
First Fermentation – 03:21
Cold Fermentation – 03:38
Placing Focaccia dough in pan – 03:58
Final evidence & dimpling the dough – 05:01
Topping the Focaccia – 06:22
Baking the focaccia – 07:06
Cutting the focaccia – 07:43
Outro – 08:15

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46 thoughts on “AMAZING FOCACCIA BREAD | How to Make it in 6 Easy Steps”

  1. Will be making this and I have a question – is it possible to over ferment it in the fridge? What's the longest time i can keep it there? I have a very small oven so will be making this in batches

  2. You should have mentioned time frame for the first rise , whether it should rise in the fridge or outside the fridge, additional fermentation is in addition to the "First Rise or not".. you talk like everyone watching your video's are some kinda experts in bread making . SMH.

  3. I will be following your You have explained it very well. I will surely try it to tonight and see how it turns our. i did try a few other breads but they we pretty heavy and were not fluffy. Lets see how this one turns out. I will be following your recipe word by word.

  4. By a long way the best and tastiest focaccia I have ever made or eaten. I drizzled truffle oil over the top before serving with mixed mushrooms cooked with garlic and white wine.

  5. I made this today with my 8 year old daughter. It is delicious. Thank you for helping me add a new dish to my repertoire. Everyone in the family loved it!!!!!

  6. Really appreciate the additional details (Water temperature, exact flour measurements, dough folding methods, description about the yeast and the 'wet' finger to dough method). I have used and Bookmarked this recipe and make this bread at least once a month. Thank you for the specific details and, your great enthusiasm describing the preparation of such a wonderful meal staple!. THANK YOU! I am truly inspired!

  7. I've made this recipe three times now with a high level of consistency. I like the bread out of the oven to be crisp on the outside, so I don't pour more olive oil on it at the end. We can dip the bread in olive oil and herbs if desired.

  8. Hello! Tried your recipe twice now, first one went very well, but the second one didnt seem to rise in the cold fermentation stage, fridge was set to a very low temperature could that be a reason?

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