Are Seed Oils Causing the Diseases of Civilization? Episode 2: Your Questions Answered.

Omega 3 index, omega 6 ratio, excessive warmth, saturated as opposed to polyunsaturated, bleach, hexane…How poisonous are oils?

0:00 Intro
1:48 The time period vegetable oil is a lie?
5:32 Who items to olive or sesame oil?
7:09 Monounsaturated as opposed to polyunsaturated?
10:20 Omega 3s?
23:14 Fascinating Omega 3 research.
29:00 Cardiologist Neil Stone on fats.
30:16 Processing seed oils.
38:02 Heating oils.
40:16 Why do a little medical doctors imagine they’re poisonous?
41:56 I’m beautiful.
42:25 I’m malnourished.

Dr. Bill Harris on the Omega-3 Index: Increasing Omega-3 to Promote Longevity & Transform Health

Dr. Walter Willett on vitamin, well being and the atmosphere:

What’s The Deal With Seed Oils? Hype vs. Science.

Debate: Seed Oils & Heart Disease – with Tucker Goodrich & Matthew Nagra, ND | The Proof

ILSI NA: Ultra-Processed Foods (Kevin Hall)

Should Vegans Take DHA to Preserve Brain Function? – Michael Greger

Gary Fraser, MBChB, PhD – New Results from Adventist Health Study 2

CV Risk in Statin-Treated Patients with Elevated Triglycerides (Deepak L Bhatt, MD) November 7, 2019

ACC 2021 Discussion: The STRENGTH Study with Dr. Steven Nissen of the Cleveland Clinic

Can Fruits Help Optimize Your Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratio? | Dr. Rick Dina | Mastering Diabetes

40 Year Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack! The Omega-3 and B12 Myth with Dr. Michael Greger High Quality

Lipid Guidelines (Neil Stone, MD) September 19, 2019

The $100 Billion Dollar Ingredient making your Food Toxic

Vegetable Oils are extra Dangerous than Smoking! | Sara Aguilar Interviews Dr Chris Knobbe

Dr. Chris Knobbe – ‘Diseases of Civilization: Are Seed Oil Excesses the Unifying Mechanism?’

8 Toxic Fats to Avoid on the Ketogenic Diet | Dr Cate Shanahan

Blood n-3 fatty acid ranges and overall and cause-specific mortality from 17 potential research

Omega-3 Index Basic Test

Profound discounts in first and overall cardiovascular occasions with icosapent ethyl in the REDUCE-IT trial: why those effects bring in a brand new technology in dyslipidaemia therapeutics

Assessment of omega-3 carboxylic acids in statin-treated sufferers with excessive ranges of triglycerides and coffee ranges of high-density lipoprotein ldl cholesterol: Rationale and design of the STRENGTH trial

Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events
What Matters Most: the Drug, the Dose, or the Placebo?

Health’s Improvement Or, Rules Comprizing and Discovering the Nature, Method and Manner of Preparing All Sorts of Foods Used on this Nation by means of the ever-famous Thomas Moffet (1746 printing)

Burn: New Research Blows the Lid Off How We Really Burn Calories, Lose Weight, and Stay Healthy

Ask the Expert: Concerns about canola oil (hexane)

A Comprehensive Rebuttal to Seed Oil Sophistry

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20 thoughts on “Are Seed Oils Causing the Diseases of Civilization? Episode 2: Your Questions Answered.

  1. Green earth Go vegan says:

    6:22 is he qualified enough to talk about assimilation.. it's a complex process… Please correct me if I'm wrong..but
    He sounds like those people who claim that soy beans are bad for you for they have estrogen (they have no clue about the fact that phytoestrogen is different from mammalian estrogen..) ..

  2. Chris Martin says:

    Talk about confusion… At 44:45, you show your Omega-3 Index with a reference range of 3% to 14.1%. Is this the ADA Omega-3 FA? My Ulta Lab Test result has a EPA+DHA reference range of 1.4-4.9. The ADA reference range is 5.2-12.9, which looks more like what you showed. I'll send my results to my provider's office to see what they say.

  3. Mobydick says:

    It is a simple scientific fact that PUFA directly impacts your LDL for the worse, that leads to atherosclerotic plaque. It is speed up by glycation. So I don't know why you make such a long video, when you are clearly wrong about it being healthy.

  4. David Plyler says:

    If someone wants the full range of Omega 3's it seems common sense to just eat something that naturally has these in the food instead of supplementing. Good channel!!, one of only two plant eating channels I follow. From what I study and from personal experience my opinion is meat based is better. But this is such a complicated, intricate subject I like to try to see other views and try to keep am open mind. Kinda impossible for humans but try anyway.

  5. Wolfram Volpi says:

    41:24 It would be interesting to see if a diet which contains some oils is superior or not to a diet which avoids all oils.

    You would be interested in this study that was published in The Lancet May 2022, just after you produced the video:

    Long-term secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease with a Mediterranean diet and a low-fat diet (CORDIOPREV): a randomised controlled trial

  6. hannah says:

    It's not the substance itself. It's the way its put through very high heat to extract the oils that's unhealthy! There is such a thing as cold pressed, or flash steam process that processes the seed for its oils. When done this way, they don't produce the inflammation that goes with cooking with it.

  7. Andrew Nigsian says:

    I went vegan many years ago but always included some fish oil because I knew I wasn't getting enough EPA/DHA. Before I changed my diet, I used to take 80ml of Lipitor because of my sky high cholesterol. I was also pre-diabetic, had serious GIRD, high blood pressure, haemorrhoids and divirticulitis. They're all gone.

    Excellent video, BTW. I never watch any videos that are more than 10 minutes long. So that tells you a lot. You'd have 10M subscribers if people understood the process of science and had any respect for it. A good example: today I read that the price of diabetese medication is skyrocketing and they didn't know why. Really? Because people don't know that they can save $15000/yr if they only listened to nutrition scientists and changed their diets. The pharmaceuticals know this but it's an open secret they'll take to their graves.

  8. Mark Brown says:

    Brilliant exposition of an important topic! Alas, I'll have to watch it another 9 times to pick up half its content. (That's my problem, however, not yours.)

  9. wellthi says:

    23:14 purified EPA DHA failed that mean the micro algue benefit come from the dark green leaf effect ??? in that case ALA + dark green could be as effective as micro green omega supps ???
    perhaps the pesco lower mortality 20:40 could be nullify if compared to vegan eating dark green since most of them don't eat their greens

  10. Subliminal Falllen Angel says:

    Why even risk consuming trans fats? I personally rarely eat seed oil and I am still doing fine. Seed oil is not necessary for health, and it's certainly not necessary for the dishes to be more delicious. Nowadays I find fried foods boring compared to soups or fermented vegetables

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