Are Seed Oils Toxic? What about Olive Oil?

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The info about Canola and olive oils are transparent.

0:00 Intro
1:14 What food regimen communities imagine
2:45 Carnivore food regimen and oils
6:14 The Minnesota Coronary Experiment
13:35 Low carb and oils: Fat Fiction film
16:59 Nutrition Coalition: Front workforce?
20:15 Mediterranean food regimen and oils
29:05 Vegans and oils
34:46 Conclusion


Your distinction will also be Your Superpower | Chris MacAskill | TEDxBeaconStreet

The $100 Billion Dollar Ingredient making your Food Toxic

Fat Fiction:

Nina Teicholz – ‘Vegetable Oils: The Unknown Story’

The Dangers Of Seed Oils, Are They Destroying Your Metabolism? | Dr. Paul Saladino

Dr. Chris Knobbe – ‘Diseases of Civilization: Are Seed Oil Excesses the Unifying Mechanism?’

Why Did We All Get Sick? The Nutritional Transition & How Seed Oils Drove It – Tucker Goodrich AHS21

Professor Walter Willett

2014 Geschke Lecture Series: Dr. Walter Willet

Gary Fraser, MBChB, PhD – New Results from Adventist Health Study 2

What’s The Deal With Seed Oils? Hype vs. Science.


Nutritional Epidemiology through Walter Willett

Books about The Seven Countries Study:

Undo It!: How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases through Dean and Anne Ornish

The 30-Day Alzheimer’s Solution: The Definitive Food and Lifestyle Guide to Preventing Cognitive Decline through Dean and Ayesha Sherzai


Consumption of Total olive oil and Risk of Total and Cause-Specific Mortality in US Adults (Harvard find out about)

Fat within the Diet and Mortality from Heart Disease; a Methodologic Note.

Test of impact of lipid reducing through food regimen on cardiovascular possibility. The Minnesota Coronary Survey through Ivan Frantz.

Revisiting the diet-heart speculation: essential appraisal
of the Minnesota Coronary Experiment

Re-evaluation of the normal diet-heart speculation: research of recovered information from Minnesota Coronary Experiment (1968-73)

History and Lore of Sesame in Southwest Asia through Dorothea Bedigian

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39 thoughts on “Are Seed Oils Toxic? What about Olive Oil?”

  1. I'm getting lots of follow-on questions about the omega 6 omega 3 ratio and toxicity of linoleic acid, so I'll do a second episode on oils and call it "Need an oil change?" 😁

  2. Gotta be honest, every time I hear "what I learned" talk I cringe. Something about him comes across as a know-it-all but he cherry picks and misreprents data in the studies he cites

  3. Great channel you do Sir!!, have you ever checked out the books from the Belgian docter-writer Kris Verburgh? " The food hourglass" and " The longevity code" i believe they are great, curious what you think of them?

  4. Excellent video and judging from wintery look on your hikes, you worked on it for quite some time. So many great comments on content, I won't go there again. Compliments on being sure footed – crossing that wooden plank! And also for your acting!!! I'm glad that PlantBasedNews is sharing your videos on their channel to get this important content out into the world. Thank you so much 🙂

  5. Great episode! Thank you, my wife and I were wondering about this exact topic just the other day. Now please tell me that organic coconut sugar is healthy if it helps the vegetables go down 😉

  6. I would love to see you research artificial sweeteners and their impact on the human body. The literature is really conflictive. Some say it raises blood sugar levels, some say it raises insulin resistance. It is a complete mess!!

  7. The current American obesity rate is 42.4%.
    When I walk into a typical, large grocery store I would estimate 80% of what is sold on the store shelves should not even be regarded as nutritious, healthful food. Much of it is inexpensive and costs less when buying bulk which contributes to its consumption.
    The American city and suburban streets are lined with endless fast food drive-thru joints and dining establishments that serve large portions of junk food at low cost. Americans simply have too easy access to large amounts of inexpensive, unhealthy foods.
    Additionally, even mere moderate exercise of walking thirty minutes three times a week is not common. Far too many hours spent pursuing entertainment with television watching and other lethargic non-physically active pursuits. If you are of ideal weight, have a healthy metabolism and are often active, then you can likely get away with eating a bit of junk in the diet without experiencing a profound negative consequence to your health. I see a profiteering food industry that keeps shoving poison in people's faces, a lot of gluttony, junk food addiction, lack of willpower and sloth. I don't need a double-blind peer reviewed study to make sense out of it.

  8. Thank you very much for spending so much time and effort on you videos.
    Could you maybe also do a video on Soy, as I only find confusing information on it with the one side calling it completely healthy and the other side claiming it's horrible.

    Also in the future a summary video about what and what not to eat as an average person would be cool.

  9. I am so happy you broached the subject of homelessness. The mindless majority have been taught to think of the homeless as work-shy, low quality criminals and lazy bums who just want a free ride.
    The truth is that many, if not most of them are wonderful people with fascinating back stories, often incredible ones.
    The majority of them hit some very bad luck at some point and/or have mental health problems.
    On top of that they are ignored, disdained and even ill-treated by the society at large.
    People don't realise it could happen to anyone including themselves !
    As you said "Nobody should have to suffer like that".
    Thank you.

  10. Chris, this video (and btw the whole channel) is just brilliant. I hope you don't feel sad about your channel not taking off in popularity, since you lean on so much science that it puts you along the masters at the right end of your chart. Big thank you for this wonderful work.

  11. Thank you for the hard work and research, it really clears up alot of raster about oil. I'm curious what the Indonesian ban on tropical oil exports will have on the health of people who might not eat as much if the price increases.

  12. Outstanding questions after watching this full outstanding video. Olive oil (a fruit oil not seed oil) is mainly omega 9 – oleic acid – which our bodies can make and that factor might indicate why it is best tolerated compares to "alien" Omega 6 and 3s? Can Oleic acid deficiency can lead to phosphate excess? Lipid peroxidation and serotonin induced torpor are increased only by the fats of omega 6 and 3. PUFAs (in excess) are a biomarker for shorter life and for metabolic slowing. Spoon ful of sugar then would be better than seed oils for palatability correct?

  13. Hello, would you lean on cancer, methabolic health, liver, mithocondrial heath, thyroid on your next seed oil video because most anti seed oil people talk about possible negatives of seed oils (mainly PUFAs) on these topics not heart disease. They criticise seed oils on this topics mostly not heart health. They talk about some mechanistic ways of how oxidation (we know they are way more prone to oxidation than satruated fat) of the PUFAs cause mithocondiral and methabolic disfunction etc. (Especially Ray Peat cycle which unlike carnivore cycle is pro carbs and fruits). Especially industrally processed seed oils like sunflower oil, corn oil etc. (They are mostly neutral on olive oil which is a fruit oil not a seed oil.) Thank you very much for the good content.

  14. Can you please educate us on vitamin A toxicity? This is very confusing. It seems like accumulation maybe is affected by some genetic predisposition. TIA

  15. This reminds me so much of climate science. Most of the time when science deniers (those who think global warming isn't man-made) quote a study they haven't read it, are mirepresenting it or they are quoting a bad study from a dubious journal with obvious flaws/mistakes. Half truths are especially effective it seems, because often only experts know the other half of the story that changes the picture completely.

  16. Wow Chris. I also had rheumatic fever as a child and inherited high cholesterol, which took my dad at age 49. This was many years ago in Montana where health tests were pretty much nonexistent. Three of my male cousins died of heart attacks at the ages of 29, 31, and 35. All brothers. Other relatives also died young of heart disease, all from my father’s side of the family. I became vegan 7 years ago and have never looked back. I avoid all oils and fats as much as possible. Every little drop affects my cholesterol but I refuse to take statins. I look to the science for my answers. I look at Dr. Esselstyn as my mentor. I lived for over 40 years in the Sacramento area and was fortunate to meet many of the plant-based greats. Esselstyn, Greger, McDougall, etc.

  17. While I was eating a raw salad with German Delba bread I told my wife I was secretly seeing a psychologist to work things out about our relationship and you know what she told me?
    She said she was secretly seeing a plumber and an electrician.

  18. 3:14 I think you commiting a strawman with the carnivore/keto guys, they are not against vegetable oil but the modern common vegetable oil that is made with soy, canola, sunflower etc. Most of this guys even cook their steaks in avocado or olive oil… and alot of them talk about the benefits of olive oil.

  19. Another great video – thank you! Most of the research, unsurprisingly, has looked at oils displacing other fats/oils rather than oils vs fats from wholefoods like walnuts. In your follow up it would be very helpful if you could comment in more detail on this issue.

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