Athena International Olive Oil Competition – ATHIOOC 2016

The ATHENA International olive oil Competition aims to highlight the significance of competing and winning here in Greece, this age-old homeland of the olive and the birthplace of noble competition and the Olympic ideal. Right here, in the lee of the Acropolis, where the goddess Athena made an olive tree grow and where years later the invading Persians burned it but a new shoot quickly sprouted from the old stock – an omen that the city was destined to rise again more glorious from its ashes.
Here, in an immortal city that bridges the millennia, interweaving the myths and legends of the past with today’s needs and challenges. In a place where one feels the unbroken flow of time and history over the silver-green leaves of century-old olive trees.
A land where the term ‘olive oil’ is commonly shortened to ‘oil’ because for us Greeks only olive oil is the real thing!

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