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Mexican Vegan Tofu Pie | Best Vegan Filo Pie |

The secret to this recipe is the grated tofu. Using tofu grated, you can simulate minced beef. Add other tried and true vegetables and choose your country, in this case Mexico and hello vegan tofu pie. The filo pastry in this recipe is also vegan friendly, as is the stock cube. I ate this Mexican […]

Beetroot Tart With Feta | Caramelised Onions And Olives |

Yet another good reason to have pre rolled puff pastry in the freezer. You can make this beautiful savoury beetroot tart with feta, as a great mid morning or afternoon snack. The caramelised onions and olives are simply an amazing compliment to the other ingredients. You can serve this with with humus and tabouleh to […]