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Castile soap – 100% Olive oil soap. Easy beginner soap recipe #soapmaking #howto #diy #crafts

Here are the Amazon links to soap supplies if you need to buy any. These are Amazon affiliate links, I will get a small commission if you will use these links to buy any of the supplies listed here. Hand blender- Infrared thermometer – kitchen scale – Silicone mold used in this video – Lye […]

Easiest soap recipe- 100% Olive oil. Need 3 ingredients only to make this soap.

If you are a beginner, this 3 ingredient soap recipe is perfect for you. All you need is- 1. olive oil 2. Lye (Sodium hydroxide) 3. Distilled water You can add fragrance oil if you want. 100% olive oil recipe gives you enough time to understand the process . it takes long long time to […]