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💯 Vegan, Gluten free, sugar free👉 the best recipe for diabetics

This is the best recipe you can prepare for diabetics; it’s just food but with very powerful ingredients that help lower blood sugar levels. Gluten-free, sugar free, and also 💯 vegan ❇️Ingredients : 400g of carob 600g of almonds 500g of peanuts 500g of broun sesame 250g of white sesame 250g of Flax seeds 500g […]

How to make healthy cake? Without white flour without sugar

How to make healthy cake recipe without sugar without white flour ?! This is without doubt one of the highest manner to get ready healthy cake ?Ingredients : 80g of walnuts 120 g of dates Two eggs 120 ml of milk 120 ml of olive oil 120 g of wheat flour 1tsp of sodium bicarbonate […]