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Using Olive Oil to PREVENT & FIGHT disease | Oleocanthal

It is impossible to talk about the health benefits of olive oil without mentioning the key role of a phenolic compound called oleocanthal. Studies show that this highly-antioxidant phenolic helps reduce several inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. Some even claim it has anti-cancer properties! In this video, I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner […]

The Truth About Olive Oil

What type of olive oil is in your pantry? Max flavor and optimal nutrition is what most people desire. This video is worth watching all the way through to hear the difference in olive oil quality and various ways to marinate and use the variety of flavors. Note: This video is not a paid ad. […]

The Olive Oil you SHOULD be buying

How are you topping your salad? Using REAL olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar has numerous health benefits and tastes amazing! NOTE: This video is not a paid ad. I genuinely love this company. But there are plenty of other REAL options. Do your research. Subscribe to Channel: This video by Kimberly McIntyre was seen 117 […]