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KETO BENEFITS Without Extreme Carb Cutting: Eat Polyphenols

🥑 A greater approach to support your metabolic with a ketogenic nutrition is also to do keto a bit in a different way. 🥦 Focusing on numerous plant meals is helping offer protection to your mitochondria via mitochondrial uncoupling and boosts your fiber consumption. According to [@drstevengundry]( mitochondrial uncoupling is the advisable downstream technique of ketones. But you’ll […]

Metabolic POWER BOWL Recipe: PACKED with Micronutrients | Levels Kitchen with Dr. Casey Means

Learn how to make a metabolically healthy power bowl. This recipe is easy, fun, and versatile. You don’t need to follow the recipe exactly; what matters is using at least 3 colors of vegetables. This meal contains the five recommended components of metabolically optimal meals: minimizing refined sugar and grains, tons of fiber, sources of […]