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Clear pimples, smoothen and brighten the skin with this powerful face cream -prime side

This cream is very powerful and it cannot fail its promises trust me. It’s suitable for every skin type and skin complexion. Shikimic acid power is a great choice of AHA that has been proven to be over 50x powerful that glycolic acid with little or no irritations compared to glycolic acid.. who doesn’t like […]

How to make Neem oil | 2 ways to make neem oil | hot and cold press method | prime side.

Welcome back beautiful people to prime side. Apologies for the delayed video. Been working on some necessities 🤗 How to make Neem oil (hot and cold press method) Please let me know which you prefer and why. Here’s a link about neem leaf. Check it out 👇 Please subscribe to this channel for more educational […]