Avocado Oil Project (E/11/007 & E/11/435)

The best oil considering the antioxidant activity of oils extracted for two methods which described below were examined by total phenolic content. Oils were produced in the laboratory from (i) a mixture of avocado pulp and avocado skin (AO) and (ii) a mixture of avocado pulp, avocado skin and scraped coconut (ACO). Oil was produced using two different methods; traditional method (TM) and screw expeller method (SM). In TM, water was added to the fresh mixtures, and they were cooked using a Bunsen burner at low flame until almost all water was evaporated. The oils were produced at 99.3°C. The cooked avocado flesh was dumped on a cloth and squeezed within the cloth to extract as much oil as possible. In SM, the ripened avocado and scraped coconut was dried at 50°C for about 32 hrs and the dried materials were fed toscrew expeller. Temperatures experienced by the oils produced were recorded. Antioxidant activity of the oils produced were investigated by estimating the total phenolic content (TPC) using Folin-ciocalteu’s reagent and the results were taken with compared to gallic acid standard. The yield of both ACO and AO produced by TM is low with compared to SM. When producing oils from SM the recorded maximum temperatures for ACO and AV were 65.7°C and 53.4°C respectively. In this research we have found thatTPC of AO was better than ACO. since the TPC of AO is high , antioxidant activity of AO is also high.

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