Babies DON'T Have Heartbeats?! Twitter BACKS Stacey Abrams | The News & Why It Matters | 9/22/22

Stacey Abrams claimed small children do not in reality have heartbeats within the womb, and Twitter subsidized her commentary in a “fact-check.” Plus, an appeals courtroom dominated in want of the DOJ over the Mar-a-Lago raid. And why is Gavin Newsom blaming Californians fleeing his state on Trump’s visa coverage?


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43 thoughts on “Babies DON'T Have Heartbeats?! Twitter BACKS Stacey Abrams | The News & Why It Matters | 9/22/22”

  1. You're being hornswoggled! What they taking is Hillary's emails and Obama's birth certificate! He's playing on one way just to make him go the other way and they're going to jump right into it! How do you get something on the record? Have them introduce it! Don't go in and it's trap!

  2. They took those pictures of those files on the floor. If they were really classified they couldn't have showed you none of it. Those are not classified files and they know it it's a prompt! The safe was empty he let him down this road till they're demise.

  3. Believe the Science when it's about making big money. Don't believe the Science when it's about us making money off a fetus. They want it both ways. They need to make up their alleged minds. Sickening.

  4. The best way I can sum up a hardened democrat is this. Take a democrat that was murdering, raping, killing children, beating to death old people, burning to death people in there house, killing cops, burning down cities with b.l.m. and antifa for the democrat lie of systemic racism. If you put into the hands of a supporter of b.l.m. or antifa proof absolute proof that everything they were rampaging for was an absolute lie beyond a shadow of a doubt lie the hardened democrat would fight twice as hard for the lie instead of excepting a drop of truth. This is the democrat party that is in the White House. How do you get to these people and make them see the truth or are they just a bunch of Manchurian candidates like the movie. It is amazing what they have become.

  5. It is heart cells working and doing what heart cells do.

    Question; How many heart cells do you need before you can call it a heart?
    (A) 1
    (B) 2
    (C) 100
    (D) 1,000,000

    I'd say as long as it's mitochondrial DNA identifies it as a heart cell and it pulses

  6. The reason that President Trump said, it's declassified just from him thinking it, what he means is he doesn't have to say to you, who might be removing the box of classified information, to another location, he doesn't have to say to his staff that he declassified something, the mere removal of the documents, is an automatic declassification.

  7. And another thing Joe Biden had the nerve to say fight like hell, they want to put president Trump in jail for that statement, but president Trump said go peacefully and let your voices be heard.

  8. What about those who had doctors devastatingly announce that there is no heartbeat? The completion of the miscarriage usually happens soon after.
    She is a SICK being. I am not sure if she is completely human anymore.

  9. What rubbish I’ve heard and seen all 5 of my children’s heartbeats it begins at 6 weeks 2 weeks after you miss your period they just go from your last period that’s all I’ve had a baby die inside me also at 16 weeks he had no heartbeat it’d stopped everything was fine before that I could tell by the look on her face 😢 I felt something wasn’t right hence why I went to the hospital mothers instinct I guess which a lot of these crazy people don’t have it’s evil abortion has always been illegal here ❤🙏

  10. And trust me libtards refuse to look at facts, evidence use any critical thinking. I live in MD tons of libtards who just refuse to accept reality and truth which is why if I'm alive in 3 years and I can I'm selling and moving somewhere red and quiet

  11. To start I love your show. Stacey Abrams And Gavin Newsom are conceited fools they have made their states look very bad because they did not recall the trash. The Biden administration from top to bottom should be brought up on charges of treason against the USA.

  12. I'd like to say that Stacy Abrams is stupider than a stump, dumber than a box of rocks, but that would be an insult to stumps and rocks.
    That said, the woman is a criminal, used her own employees to break Federal law.

  13. Kale chips are YUM, babies are human beings, unlike Stacie Abrams, and the Trump thing is definitely a useless, witch hunt, meant to intimidate, and DEAR GOD, CAN WE GET RID OF GAVIN NEWSCUM???? I'm a native here, in California, and I've witnessed my state being RUINED. The recall election was RIGGED!!! As soon as it was over, he went nuts on laws, ONLY to punish California, like forcing jabs on children, legalizing crime, legalizing infanticide, etc., etc.

  14. My daughter's heartbeat went , "wow wow wow" in a whoosh whoosh submerged environment.
    A sonogram or ultrasound is used to observe and inspect and monitor what's going on with a living human being inside her mother.
    So, if you want to know, the heartbeat inutero can be detected as early as the fifth week.
    Ask some mother's and grand mother's who successfully bring their sons and daughters alive, into the world.
    Does this medical device create the heartbeat?
    That's evidence Stacy Abrams has a paranoid delusion.
    Ask a psychologist.

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