Benefits of Eating Tuna on Keto (& Why I Eat a Lot of It)

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25 thoughts on “Benefits of Eating Tuna on Keto (& Why I Eat a Lot of It)”

  1. If you are worried about mercury, get rid of any"silver" fillings in your teeth. They were outlawed in Europe decades before US would admit dentists were poisoning people. Symptoms of mercury poisoning are multiple sclerosis like reactions, even depression and insanity (think Mad Hatter, as mercury was used to make the felt for hats). I did medical research for a dentist on this topic in the 1980's, so I am dealing with facts here.

  2. 7/19/21 I was 369.9 pounds now I’m down to 272 almost 100 pounds thanks to this man’s videos. Completely changed my life and I’m passing on what I’ve learned from him to others thanks Thomas.

  3. You ramble too much. Please get to the point and tell us is eating 223 cans or more a day of Chunk light tuna in the can is going to create Mercury it's a simple question it doesn't require a nearly 11 minute video. Please get to the point

  4. I honestly don’t care that it has a bit of mercury in it. It’s delicious, convenient and often fast to make into a meal.

    People often choose to hyper-focus on one thing and dislike it because of something not so great in it, without looking at the whole picture.

    Tuna is healthier than most other things we are eating as a society, so that bag of chips you “earned” because you were “good” today, is much worse than a meal with one or two cans of tuna.

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