Butter vs Olive Oil vs Seed Oils


What’s healthier? Butter, Vegetable oil, or olive oil
If I had to pick one that I could only eat for the rest of my life it would be butter. Here’s why

First, it’s minimally processed, it’s made by stirring and agitating cream and that’s it.

It also contains a lot of saturated fat, about 11% of which is stearic acid, which is anti-estrogenic and increases fat burning. and it’s also really low in linoleic acid which is pro-inflammatory and oxidizes easily.

olive oil is about 4 times the amount of linoleic acid as butter and is 70% oleic acid, which can impair carbohydrate metabolism. It’s also often contaminated with seed oils, cuz faking olive oil is a bit of a problem

Seed oils are literal poison, here’s a paper that showed that in people who don’t smoke, the biggest contributor for them getting lung cancer is from inhaling cooking or seed oil fumes when cooking.

And if you’re not inhaling seed oil fumes, but consuming them, they contain 50% linoleic acid, which converts to arachidonic acid and then other pro-inflammatory compounds that contribute to oxidative damage in your body and also weight gain.

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21 thoughts on “Butter vs Olive Oil vs Seed Oils

  1. @TT3TT3 says:

    Lots olive oil is faked. They include palm oil in cow rations now- a lady who did pastry realized that butter didn't melt like it used to – and it seems it's due to the oil in the cow's diet.

  2. @acgadventures90 says:

    I don’t think a blank statement that all olive oil is contaminated with seed oils is fair, that’s a bit fear mongering. Sure some are but minimal searching will allow people to find quality extra virgin cold pressed olive oil which is as good a fat as butter for different reasons. I think true extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and butter should be consumed by humans.

  3. @ryanestes1629 says:

    So what I got was butter is better than seed oils but not actual olive oil. Why can’t you just say olive oil is healthier? All the blue zones where people consume a lot of olive oil need to be told they need to switch to butter 😂

  4. @yarezaizanahmad5102 says:

    Hmm just decades ago health experts were saying BUTTER WAS BAD. Margerine was the best. Coconut oil was bad . Smoking was bad. Smoke what? Pure tobacco or or pipe blend or cigarette? The same?

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