Can An OLD OLIVER Tractor Pull A 7' BOX BLADE?

Oliver Tractor pulling a 7′ BOX BLADE
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21 thoughts on “Can An OLD OLIVER Tractor Pull A 7' BOX BLADE?”

  1. i like that cherrybomb muffler sounds good go ahead and work it at times just keep it good it will last your lifetime the exhaust pipe needs help i have two cases one 55 and other 58 310 and 4100b caseomatic

  2. I'm not nearly as concerned about that cherry bomb as the kink in the exhaust pipe. Seriously there should be some sort of friction quadrant to hold the throttle in place. Refer to parts and service manuals available online. Olive looks like she runs very good. You might consider a second oil change after a few more hours use. Oil for Diesels like Delo 15-40 contain the zinc necessary for long cam life not found in todays oils. I use it in all my antique vehicles.

  3. All you need to do is paint that cherry bomb muffler cherry red and you will be good to go. I would suggest getting it somewhat straight. The people I hang around would say it just needs to be "pretty straight" and no one would worry about it being "plum straight".

  4. Your throttle problem is with some washers they are leather!!! Now you can use cork washers in their place!!! But if you tighten the nut down on the spring that will keep your throttle from sliding back!!! Also your rear end oil should be 10 w30 there is a half inch pipe plug next to the PTO shaft on the right side!!! Remove the plug oil should come out the hole!!! Lift oil in warm climates use 10 w 30!!!! Do not push or go backwards pushing with the box blade!!!! There's a possibility that you can push too hard and the cylinder inside will jump out of a hole and knock a hole in the pan that separates lift oil from the transmission!!! If you knock a hole in the pan lift oil will run into the transmission and burn the pump up!!! I've had Oliver 550 since they came out in 1958!!! I have a 58 and a 59 models !!! My 1958 is basically I super 55 they had 144 cubic inch engines!!! Should have a 9 and 1/4 inch clutch !! 59 model 550 have a 155 cubic engines with 10 inch clutch!!!!

  5. I had a 8n with the same problem, someone had taken the throttle linkage apart and put it back together with the spring in the wrong place. It wasn't holding tension on it so they put spot welds on the throttle in different places to hold the throttle in place.

  6. There is usually some type of friction plate to hold the throttle in place. All of the old Fords and Farmall’ s had them you would have to look under the dash where the throttle comes through it maybe missing hope that helps.

  7. Hi Hank I just sent you an email with a picture of my Super 55 from today. Coming along well. I'll let you know if I figure out anything about the throttle, and thanks for the video with the box blade – that is the primary work we are looking at doing with the Oliver here in our Property Owners' Association

  8. Maybe use my late Uncles response when people ask about the muffler and mailbox letters.

    "Why thats there for people like you to ask silly questions about"

  9. I realize it is at Bus Grease Monkey's. Yet down below the battery is a plate with a series of grooves. The rod comes down from the dash and has an arm that rubs on the plate. There is a nut and spring below. You tighten the nut to increase the resistance.

  10. I have a 60's model Kubota L260 with a cherry bomb muffler. It's fitting for an old tractor. Mine was 26 HP when new and it has pulled a 5 foot bush hog through some jungle. It's a 3 cylinder diesel though.

  11. We have a oliver 55 here on the property,looks like a 57,gas motor,,motor is all there,it was subjected to fire but only the tire got hurt,pretty sure it would run if the owner would let someone fix it.

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