Can Olive Oil be the Next Ibuprofen?

Forget Advil. olive oil might be a very good herbal ibuprofen change.

Healthy Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting Plan:


0:00 Is there herbal ibuprofen?
0:58 How olive oil might act as a herbal ibuprofen
1:22 How to make use of olive oil as a herbal ibuprofen
1:38 What reasons irritation?
1:50 olive oil for Alzheimer’s and most cancers
2:52 Share your luck tale!

Is there one thing that would act as herbal ibuprofen? There is a few nice knowledge that demonstrates {that a} chemical in extra virgin olive oil can probably mimic the results of ibuprofen. But, be certain to test together with your physician prior to coming off of any drugs.

The herbal anti inflammatory chemical in extra virgin olive oil offers you a powerful stinging sensation in the again of your throat. If this doesn’t occur whilst you devour olive oil, it would possibly not be excellent original extra virgin olive oil.

You would wish to devour 50 milligrams or 1.7 oz. of extra virgin olive oil to probably get this impact. Putting it in your salad each day would be a really perfect concept.

You would get about 60-90% absorption, which comes out to about 9 mg. You might wish to do that each day if you’re liable to irritation.

If you’re getting irritation, you might be eating too many carbohydrates for your nutrition. Getting on the Healthy Keto nutrition and intermittent fasting would be an excellent spot to start out eliminating irritation.

The herbal compound in olive oil may additionally lend a hand scale back the plaquing that develops when you’ve got Alzheimer’s. It additionally has anti-cancer results.



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Thanks for observing! You might need to check out olive oil as herbal ibuprofen.

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41 thoughts on “Can Olive Oil be the Next Ibuprofen?

  1. sharpcin says:

    Hi Dr Berg I personally love olive oil but lately, I have tried to really limit my consumption of it because of its 9% – 10% linoleic acid component which I have read is inflammatory. Are you concerned about the omega 6 in olive oil? Assuming for argument's sake that it's actual olive oil.

  2. Robert Smith says:

    Hi I'm from Australia 6 months ago I had a full knee replacement and I did not go well acute pain in hole leg for 5 months found your videos 2 months ago on inflammatory causes so stopped manufactured carbs omega 6 oils no sugar also intermittent fasting 18/6 upped my fat intake added a few supplements D3 stinging nettle root have lost 12kgs and pain under control now so happy I found you as your advice really works thank you so much. Rob Smith

  3. Michael Trebilcock says:

    For me, Dr Berg is an essential part of understanding proper nutrition and achieving optimal health. He introduces critical parts of the nutrition puzzle, or at least augments other sources of information so that one can understand critical, and difficult to understand, concepts better. Thanks Dr Berg, and keep it up!!!

  4. 888,888_ fiery_mercaba says:

    "0:27" — The natural ingredient in extra virgin olive oil that is said to be like ibuprofen in reducing inflammation is olecanthal.
    "0:41" — "A strong, stinging sensation at the back of the throat" will occur upon the consumption of genuine extra virgin olive oil, otherwise it is highly likely that it is one of the many fakes being marketed that is had, per Dr. Berg.
    "0:59" — Extra virgin olive oil's olecanthal "causes dose dependent inhibition of COX 1 [&] 2," the two culprits implicated in the emergence of inflammation in the body.
    "1:22" — It would be necessary to consume "15 mg" of EVOO daily, & "15 mg" is noted by Dr. Berg as being "a little more than one & a half ounces" (his white board showing "1.7 ounces / day"). Also on the white board: "60-90 % absorption," as well as "will give 9mg / day," the latter being explained by Dr. Berg as what a person will be left with in the body after consumption, absortion, & utilization of the aforesaid dosing of EVOO.
    "1:50" — Olecanthal in EVOO can also aid in combating Alzheimer's & "a variety of cancers." With regard to Alzheimer's, it impedes the formation of plaquing.

  5. Linda Catalino says:

    I read some time ago that when choosing an olive oil look for its origination to be from one country, not a possibility of several, and to look for a harvest date. So, there are several with harvest dates. But to find one from only one country… Yikes! I am currently using the. Carapelli brand. Anyone have input here?

  6. Donna Marie says:

    Wow, l am going to have to try this. I am allergic to ibuprofen and motrin, advil, alieve, etc. I do cook my chicken in olive oil and also spray it on my veggies. Is it okay to use when a person has diverticulosis?
    Thanks, doctor Berg.👍

  7. Christa Parpis says:

    Thank you dr Berg, coming from a Greek Cypriot background I grew up with my parents picking the olives from our back yard and my dad extracting the oil from them, always had organic olive oil 😀

  8. Okey Muorah says:

    🌿🌿I am very grateful to you Dr otoi for what you just did in my life and that of my family I we forever thank you, living with herpes🍃🍃 virus for 6years with my family's you still give us reason🌿🌿 to be happy I don't know much to say to you Dr otoi but all I want to say is thank you from my greatest heart🍃🍃 your medication is still the best now and in lifetime🌱🌱 after and you can also contacts

  9. ChillinOkie says:

    Ibuprofen caused horrible bladder pain for me. Many women take more of it thinking a bladder infection which makes the pain even worse. Culture showed no bacteria and doctor was vague and concerned about the cause which caused me stress and worry. It was the damn ibuprofen! I was raking it for back soreness originally.

  10. Jose Medina says:

    Hi Dr. Berg. I just came across a video from a Dr. Michael Klaper which is 8 years old but a that time it claimed olive oil is bad, ist that new studied have shown the opposite, could you please clarify, thanks attentively your subscriber.

  11. Manuel O. Garcia says:

    I eat extra virgin olive oil (kirkland brand) every day with my salad. I have not seen such effects. As a matter of fact I have to take 800 mg of ibuprofen twice a day just to keep my inflammation and pain down.

  12. MrTenDollarMan says:

    I don't want to brag but where I come from we make the best olive oil in the world. The farmer sells it for 3.5 euros per litter to the wholesale and 4-5 euros for retail ( friends or people he knows). If you re buying from a big brand supermarket for like 1.70 per litter or 750ml, I absolutely guarantee its not virgin.

  13. Tim Fuggle says:

    Give us the amount of olive oil to take in useful practical volumetric measurements i.e. in ml as most people do don't have a mass scale in their kitchens like Dr Berg does.

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