Can you fry with olive oil? Which oils are the good ones to cook with?

Can you cook with olive oil? Is it safe? How about avocado oil? What are the smoke points of oils and why is it important? What are my top 3 picks when it comes to cooking oils? All of this and more in this episode – hope you enjoy it 🙂

How to buy the best olive oil (and what’s the difference between them)

00:00 Intro
00:43 Smoke points of different oils
02:02 Cooking Temperatures
02:57 Types of Cooking Oils
05:41 Top 3 Cooking Oil Picks
06:25 Top Choice

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6 thoughts on “Can you fry with olive oil? Which oils are the good ones to cook with?

  1. @davehardman-us9ht says:

    Two questions, can used cooking oil be stored in fridge to prolong life of the oil?
    And you didn't mention grapeseed oil, and what is the smoke point this oil?
    I find all your videos very useful. Thanks for the teaching lessons

  2. @adeptusmagi says:

    well said sir
    I saw Gordon Ramsey frying a "scottish breakfast" on here a few days ago looks like hes trying to fry over a wood fired planch with olive oil the oil is smoking from the planch, from the frying pan im thinking what an idiot all his oil was burning on every surface
    and he then moans about smoke getting in his eyes LOL

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