Chickpea balls: fried or in sauce, they are absolutely worth trying!

120g of stale bread
olive oil
1/2 of onion
260g of cooked chickpeas
35g (1/4 cup) of flour
Oil for frying

Tomato sauce

1. In a bowl add the bread and pour the milk over. Set aside for 10 minutes.
2. In a pan add the olive oil and onion and fry until onion become soft. Remove from heat.
3. In a food processor add the cooked chickpeas and prepared onion and mix.
4. After time has elapsed, smash the bread, add chickpeas, salt, herbs, and flour, and combine.
5. Form the balls from the mixture and transfer them to the pan with oil. Fry until they are golden brown.
6. Serve chickpea balls all together on a serving plate.
7. Mix the chickpea balls with the tomato sauce for other versions. Serve them on a serving plate.
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