China sludge decanter centrifuge manufacturers – Shenzhou

Client Field
1. industrial and municipal wastewater remedy
2. Oil & fuel drilling dust/fluid regulate
3. Washing, classification and dewatering of amylum and starch
4. Mycelium separation from zymotic fluid and antibiotic
5. Dewatering of soybean and wheat protein
6. Dewatering of fish energy and fish meat
7. Dewatering of grains
8. Clarification and extraction of fruit juice
9. Clarification and purification for animal and vegetable oil
10. Production and extraction of olive oil, palm oil, avocado oil
11. Separation and purification for coal tar
12. Grading of kalin and graphite, and so forth.
Properties and makes use of
LW decanter centrifuge is a horizontal centrifuge with steady feeding and steady discharging.
Operating theory
Separation takes position in a horizontal bowl provided with a scroll conveyor. The procedure subject matter is fed into the bowl thru a desk bound inlet tube and is easily speeded up within the boost up chamber. Centrifuge forces purpose immediate sedimentation of the solids at the wall of the bowl. The conveyor rotates in the similar path because the bowl, however a special pace, thus transferring the solids in opposition to the conical of the bowl.
Main Characteristics
1. Continuous running, spiral discharging, top capability.
2. Compact construction and simple repairs.
3. Wide applicability for chemical, oil, foodstuff, pharmacy industries and green trade by which cast-liquid separation is needed.
4. Suitable for quite a lot of merchandise, succesful for isolating huge-ranging cast segment grains (0.005-2mm), particularly when isolating cast segment has other measurement grains.
Special Allocation
Following allocation can also be conceivable to satisfy consumers’ call for.
1. Frequency conversion plus PLC controlling gadget
2. Protection gadget for vibration and temperature emerging
3. Feeding pace regulate

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