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The Process of extracting coconut oil

The entire process of extracting coconut oil from coconut:

Remove shell→Grinding→Extract coconut milk→Separate coconut oil and water→Get coconut oil

The coconut oil extracting machine:

Peeler→Grinder→Extract coconut milk machine→Centrifuge→Get coconut oil

The Process of extracting coconut oil via centrifuge

How to select centrifuge?

The objective of the use of centrifuge is separate water and stable impurity from coconut milk,

make the coconut oil change into natural.

1)If the forged content material of coconut milk may be very low,lower than 1%:

Just use 3phase GF sequence tubular centrifuge or 3 segment DHY sort disc centrifuge to

extract coconut oil without delay.

2)If the forged content material of coconut milk is greater than 1%:

Firstly use flat filter out centrifuge to leach stable,secondly use 3 segment GF sequence tubular

centrifuge or 3 segment DHY sort disc centrifuge to take away tiny stable and water.

The good thing about coconut oil centrifuge:

1)High pace and massive separation issue,setting apart rationalization level may be very prime.

2)No use warmth instrument, oil high quality is prime.

3)No use chemical product, save value.

4)The subject material that touch to coconut oil is manufactured from chrome steel ,and meet Food grade.

5)3 segment separation, separate oil from milk, take away stable on the identical time.

6)Small within the ground house

Main Application

It is used for setting apart more than a few emulsion, particularly adaptable for liquid-liquid separation with

slight gravity distinction and liquid-liquid-solid separation with a little bit overseas subject, comparable to

separation of more than a few oil and micropowder, extract liquid from crops, blood plasma and blood mobile

separation,separation of milk cream.

(1) Oil separation(avocado oil,biodiesel, coconut oil ,olive oil,vegetable oil degumming ,de-soap,

dewater, oil and water separation and many others)

(2) Clarifying process for liquid stable product (oral liquid)

(3) Extraction of protein, seaweed and jelly(plant extraction, herb extraction,pigment extraction)

(4) Refined molasses

(5) Separation of blood

(6) Settlement of micro organism (yeast, E.coli, lactobacillus, bacillus subtilis, nitrobacter and many others)

(7) Purifying paint, dye, more than a few resin

(8) Processing of granular, crystalline and fibrous suspensions

(9) Separation of filterable and non-filterable sludge.

Structure and Principle

It is prime pace separator.The separator is consisted of major frame, riding instrument, bowl accumulating

pan and liquid-in bearing seats. The higher of the bowl is versatile mainshaft and the decrease of it’s

damp floating. The mainshaft is hooked up with a pushed wheel via the coupling seat with buffer.

The energy is transmitted to the pushed wheel via the motor during the transmission belt and the

tensioner to make the bowl rotate round its axis at an overspeed and shape a powerful centrifugal

power box. The product sprays into the liquid inlet from the ground and liquid is pressured to float

upward alongside the internal wall of the bowl after which is separated into other layers in step with

other density.

GF fashion is a setting apart apparatus the place there the liquid segment of enormous density is shaped into

outer ring and the liquid segment of small density is formed into inside ring, to float to the highest of bowl,

to be discharged out from their respective liquid shops. The micro solids settle at the wall of the

bowl and are to be manually dumped after the machine is close down.

Packaging: Inner packing:Spare portions are positioned smartly in a field

Outer packing:Standard Exported Wooden Case

Shipping: FOB & CIF & CNF (FOB:Usually,we ship the product to DaLian sea port)

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