Chocolate olive oil cake – Nigellissima – Episode 2 – BBC Two

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Although I first came up with this recipe because I had someone coming for supper who -genuinely – couldn’t eat wheat or dairy, it is so meltingly good, I now make it all the time for those whose life and diet are not so unfairly constrained, myself included.

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33 thoughts on “Chocolate olive oil cake – Nigellissima – Episode 2 – BBC Two

  1. @thw4ck says:

    Thinking of those that have been pranked with choco/olive oil based cake… poor souls…lol They were making strange faces & kindly said "Oh yummy it tastes so good" while you had an inner smirk because they didn't know the nasty combination of ingredients you mixed together & fed them on purpose… I wouldn't trust your cooking again after… If you can please explain, why even use olive oil in a cake if it doesn't add to the taste?

  2. @wadawax says:

    You can find the full recipe on the bbc webcite by searching a bit with the link she gives it has the cooking temperature. It is either flour or ground almonds, the almond one is for celiacs

  3. @lisawilson8446 says:

    I have made this many times with olive oil. Texture is wonderfully moist. You need to use a light olive oil. I have also had good results using Avocado Oil. Both far healthier than the equivalent amount of butter

  4. @angielp6430 says:

    Hola!. Un saludo dsd CDMX. M facina ver su programa d Nigelia, pero con mucha pena, no entiendo mucho el inglés. Podrían ponerlo con la traducción q tenía en la televisión, gracias.

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