Choosing Oils for Soap Making: Oil types and fatty acids, balancing recipes and Soapcalc explained 🧐

Are you questioning what’s the easiest oil mixture of oils for your home made chilly procedure or sizzling procedure cleaning soap recipes? What are the principle fatty acids in cleaning soap oils and what do they do? How to get a just right lather? Long lasting bar? What do the levels in Soapcalc and different cleaning soap calculators imply? If you might be asking of yourself any of those questions, then this video is for you!

Through this video presentation I give an explanation for:
* The 8 maximum commonplace fatty acids present in oils and fat used for cleaning soap making
* The qualities of every fatty acid with regards to:
Saturated or unsaturated, lathering skill, cleaning homes, hardness and longevity, velocity of saponification, examples of oils.
* What makes the most efficient cleaning soap?
* What else is necessary?
* Soap calc levels explained
* Further studying and sources

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Other sources discussed/referenced within the video (hyperlinks additionally supplied on my written abstract related above):

Classic Bells website articles

Modern Soap Making survey

Lovin’ Soap Studio oils chart

Kevin Dunn ‘Scientific Soap Making’ book and different sources:
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My Coffee Soap recipe
Blog put up:

Suggested cleaning soap calculators


Important Safety Information
Sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide (lyes) utilized in cleaning soap making, in granular or flake shape or in resolution with water/different liquids, in addition to uncooked cleaning soap batter, are extremely corrosive and require cautious and attentive dealing with and the right kind use of private protecting apparatus. Please watch this video to be informed extra about very important cleaning soap making protection precautions:

The knowledge supplied in my videos and website is primarily based by myself private analysis and enjoy and is equipped for informational functions simplest. While I take the maximum care to make certain that the recipes and knowledge I supply are correct and calculated with out error, It’s not that i am a certified cleaning soap producer, nor do I’ve formal {qualifications} in chemistry or skin care components (or every other similar box) and I make no promises in regards to the correctness of the tips offered. It’s not that i am accountable for the results of the applying or misapplication of any of the tips I supply. Use the tips in my videos and on my website at your individual possibility.
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29 thoughts on “Choosing Oils for Soap Making: Oil types and fatty acids, balancing recipes and Soapcalc explained 🧐”

  1. O my goodness!! What a treasure you are! Extensive info and a beautiful smile. Thank you for sharing with us 🤩 I'm planning an exceptionally gentle and conditioning soap for my husband's parchment-paper skin and I'm using this presentation to create it. Yay! Btw- have you ever tried drying soap bars in a low temp oven or dehydrator to reduce moisture to make them last longer? Do you recommend trying it or do you think I might ruin my delicate soap?🤓

  2. Hi Elly! I have always thought that you have wonderfully peaceful energy and I after this video, I am convinced you are a gift to this world. Your words are so thoughtful. I started my soap journey through the study of Permaculture, so your advice on ethically sourcing materials is exactly how I feel too! Thanks again for giving us your time and sharing your knowledge. You are so appreciated!

  3. Thank you so much for this video. I have been making soap for a few years now and want to understand more of the science involved. This was very useful. I love following you on youtube.

  4. I'm a Sri Lankan doctor.
    I have enough coconut oil. Already I have made soap successfully. Thanks a lot. This is a very important discussion.
    Please visit our place to stay at least one day in Kegalle where I am living with my family,If you visit Sri Lanka. Pinnawala elephant ophanage and zoo is very close by.

  5. Thank you Elly, at what point can I add botanicals powders and what ratio of botanicals to soap to still get a good lather for scalp cleansing.

    Can I add aloe Vera juice, hydrosols and ACV to water before lye?

    How does these changes influence the pH of my results?

    God bless you

  6. So grateful for all your videos and this one in particular. I appreciate all of this information and you are so lovely to listen to. Much appreciated.

  7. Elly you are fantastic! The information that I have gleaned from you has been so important in processing and decision making. You are my go to for everything. Thank you. Any idea how we could incorporate oils like Chia seed oil into a recipe if it is NOT in the soap calc?

  8. Hello Elly! I have been making soap since 2010. I have been making soap using a recipe from the class. It was an olive, coconut and palm oil recipe. The teacher didn't talk about calculators in the class. This means I knew anything about calculators. Months after one day I was talking to the teacher and she mentioned it. Because I started watching soap making videos on YouTube and some of them advice to run any recipe through a calculator, I looked for the calculator and it was very hard to understand because I knew anything about saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. I don't even remember the name of the calculator. Since then, I have heard of soap calculators Brambleberry, From Nature with Love, The Sage (something like that) and others, but they weren't of any help. They didn't give any useful information, at least for me, until I heard of Soap Calc. I looked for Soap Calc but I didn't have a clue of the information in the calculator. The great thing about Soap Calc is that it has explanation of some of the things in it. The other thing I find out is that the recipe given in the class and that I was using for years was 53 in cleansing which is higher than the range given in Soap Calc. Since 2020, I have been watching even more soap making videos. Also decided to change the recipe because I am starting a business and I want a soap that people love and come back for more. I started looking for videos on how to use Soap Calc and videos/article about how to make your own recipe. Also, I found articles on how to switch oils in your recipe because I wanted to leave out palm oil. I have to order all the oils online. They were good but not as detailed as your video. By far, this is the best video about Soap Calc and that explains the acids in oils that I have come across. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. 🧼💛💙💜

  9. I started out looking up shoe polish recipes & leather conditioners for all of my wk boots & dress shoes then saddle soap recipes because most commercial products are either chunky dry & harsh on leather or quite pricey for quality. So I had to make a very basic lard soap 1st in order to make saddle soap for a palm oil free mix. Its curing now for a few more weeks then back to the leather stuff. In the meantime I started familiarizing myself with more on soap making & shaving cake soap making & as with most things I find interesting I delve into this & spend morning coffee time learning more & more ea day. This video is already saved & in the morning will merit strong coffee, pen & paper. Thank you for all of your hard work & sharing of info & resources. Even if I don't make it regularly I've learned something of value.

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