Cloud Pruning 🌲☁️☁️🌳 Japanese Niwaki Style Topiary

Learn to cloud prune any tree or shrub to create a Japanese cloud tree. Watch as I prune my Yew into clouds.

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Cloud Pruning 🌲☁️☁️🌳 Japanese Niwaki Style Topiary
Cloud prune evergreens and deciduous shrubs into the Japanese niwaki taste

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12 thoughts on “Cloud Pruning 🌲☁️☁️🌳 Japanese Niwaki Style Topiary

  1. Dorothy Fu says:

    Are you not concerned that the stem will be able to support the weight of the cloud later on. I am surprised you chose to keep the stem so long. Would a shorter stem be sturdier and stronger? May be the clouds get bigger the stem will adjust to their weights.

  2. kGarden says:

    Those side branches on the pom-poms – @ 4:17 rather than cutting them off could you wire them, a bit horizontally, to increase the diameter of pom-poms sooner?

  3. Green Thumbelina says:

    I have volunteer boxwoods that I want to start pruning into topiaries. Thanks for sharing how to do cloud pruning, I'll probably try that style on one. I have eight boxwoods in various sizes, two are nearly three feet tall. I also have two red cedar trees, which were planted by the birds. Once the rain stops, I can start that project. Thanks for sharing your expertise! ~Margie

  4. yathatisgood says:

    I just realised who you are. I recommend your book to any new or young gardener to hopefully get them on the right path. It’s the best gardening book I own. I can’t believe you just popped up on YouTube doing what you do best, sharing knowledge. Now I can recommend your channel too. A big thank you from the uk. Good day to you kind sir

  5. Nathan Z says:

    I have been binge watching your movies here and I am getting closer to what I am after. . . . . . Espalier! I want to try an annual this year, on the south/east side of my house, any recommendations? Zone 5 I should just go for it and get the apple tree, right? πŸ˜‰ I'm American and want the instant (2 seasons) gratification though. πŸ˜”
    Great content. Love this channel. You didn't mention other trees to use this cloud pruning on. Is it only yews or evergreens in general?
    Back to the channel. . . .

  6. Matt Lloyd says:

    Not trying to be a troll but the yew you showed has a completely different structure than yours. The one you have is a fatter yew the one you showed has a columnar or fastigate skinny structure. I'm such an autistic plant nerd and I'll admit I can cloud prune most anything but doing a pine niawaki style from scratch I screw it up every time. 3 thunderhead pinus thunbergii and 10 years later I've almost got it but I still ain't happy with the new one. Lol

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