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  1. My cousin is in her 50s. She has used coconut oil every morning and every night for decades. Her skin is flawless. No wrinkles. She doesn't wear any makeup. Looks amazing!!

  2. Why do coconut and other oils react with some people's body chemistry, resulting in a rancid smell soon after application to the skin?

    I have tried coconut oil a few times on my skin over the years with brand new tubs of fresh virgin coconut oil that smell great. Nevertheless, about 20 mins after applying to my skin, it consistently smells strongly of vomit and melted crayons. I'm told this is how rancid oil can smell. Is it possible that certain oils don't work with some people's body chemistry? I get the same thing when I use certain moisturizers that contain oils. I'm always thrilled when I find a moisturizer that actually smells as good as it does in the bottle once it's on my skin.

  3. I use it mainly in my ekzema dry hands. It's the best hand cream. Calms the ekzema rash and the itchiness. Also wherever my body skin turns very dry. I avoid using it on the face.

  4. I have been using natural coconut oil to remove my makeup for more than 5 years already. Think this still better than makeup remover wipes. Haven’t got any acnes from it 😆

  5. Not sure why you make it so complicated by dropping these chemical terms. None of the suckers who watch youtube are chemists or dermatologists. Just get to the freaking point.

  6. I used to lather my hair in coconut oil once every two weeks when I was a bit younger and my hair felt like straw. I might give it another go now that I'm older and have figured out my hair. The fact that it prevents hydral fatigue really interests me.

  7. I thought she said she was going to recommend the best coconut oil brand for hair. Did I miss it? @drDray can you recommend a leave in coconut oil? Is the Aveda one any good?

  8. When I was in Cosmetology school. We used cholesterol for practicing color application. It made my hair so healthy. Now I can’t stand the smell anymore and I smell it for days. I’m definitely going to have to try this

  9. Love you!! Buuuut I do use coconut oil on my scalp befor washing and it really helps sooth my scalp from itchy it really work for me 😩 so idk 🤷‍♀️ also sometimes I use befor I wash my body but I don’t use it for moisturizer.

  10. After watching this video I took the plunge. I put coconut oil all over my hair, wrapped it up and went to bed. The next day I took a shower with high hopes of the shiny smooth hair to come. Unfortunately I had the complete opposite experience. The oil wouldn't budge. It took many showers, several days, and a near full bottle of shampoo to get that stuff out of my hair. Most of it ended up on the towels, on the face cloth and in the bath tub below. Not only did it NOT improve my hair it was quite a destructive force. I did more damage trying to get it out of my hair then I would have had I left my hair alone. Hard to imagine that that could be desirable to anyone. So, I can't help but wonder what went so terribly wrong?

  11. And if the coconut oil is just at the end of the ingredient list of the anti dandruff shampoo? Briogeo has a new anti dandruff shampoo with 3% BHA, lactic acid& charcoal but has coconut oil as its last ingredient. Will it be still effective?

  12. I got a very bad dog bite. Hurt and wouldn't cure for 10 days.coco oil stopped the pain instantly and cured completely in 2 days. The list of coconut oil is endless.

  13. can you use a facial moisturizer formulated with coconut oil? i bought a new moisturizer without realizing it contained coconut oil and i have oily acne prone skin (but it has been dry lately from using adapalene so im looking for a night moisturizer).

  14. Coconut oil broke me out so badly and I'm someone with fairly clear skin are rarely breakout. My friend was telling me how great her skin was looking so I decided to try it out. Big mistake 😐

  15. Hi Dr. Dray, because of the anti-fungal benefits, I have always used pure coconut oil once every few months as a hair mask for like 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with just shampoo since it's also a natural moisturizer. It has reduced my itchy scalp surprisingly and no other issues. 😁😅 Thanks again for your wonderful tips! ❤️❤️

  16. Are solid forms if coconut oil beneficial for treating dryness under the eyes? If not what is better? My mature skin under my eyes is dry and i have not find a good solution for this. I see articles recommending solid forms of coconut oil. Any thoughts about what might work?

  17. I have super sensitive and oily skin. And i stopped using other expensive moisturizers. Others have said it clogs pores, but it actually really helped my skin. I think it really is just dependent on the person.

  18. Thanks dr dray, love the video! So does this mean that we should also avoid coconut derivatives on the face in terms of being comedogenic? Or are they not as bad as straight up coconut oil?

  19. I’m just confused, it definitely looks like you get no sun, which is confusing considering you’re a dermatologist and have clearly no education regarding the sun…

  20. I've used coconut oil for my horribly dry scalp. I had dry sand white dandruff as well as yellow moister clumps or chunks.. I would recommend it, but try to not get it on your face as you could break out especially with sensitive skin.. also tea tree oil for the scalp is amazing

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