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Today I’m making a colourful recent chilly pasta salad. This is a great lunch or dinner concept or even higher as a celebration Food. The substances and dressing are flexible and in your desire which makes this simple to make.

Welcome to Simply Mamá Cooks YouTube Channel! I’m a Mom to a mixed Korean / Mexican American circle of relatives that likes to percentage what I cook dinner in my house. I’m nonetheless finding out and benefit from the procedure of creating house cooked Food.
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1 lb penne pasta (or pasta of selection)
12 to fourteen ounces cooked hen
7 ounces roasted artichoke hearts
1/2 cup Kalamata olives
8 ounces grape tomatoes
4 to five mini candy bell peppers
5 ounces baby spinach leaves
2 ounces balsamic vinegar
3 Tbsp olive oil
1 1/2 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tsp honey
1 tsp beaten minced garlic
1 Tbsp finely minced pink onion
salt and pepper to style

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Pasta Salad Recipe
Cold Pasta Salad Recipe
How To Make A Fresh Pasta salad
Rainbow Food Recipe

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20 thoughts on “Cold Pasta Salad Recipe | Simply Mama Cooks”

  1. Dried pasta is such a useful, long-life store cupboard essential, that it has sold out at many UK supermarkets! I don't know how bad it is in the US, but here in the UK people are going crazy because of news reports about the virus-that-cannot-be-named. Toilet rolls, tissues, anti-bacterial hand wash, bleach and even flour are other items that people are stupidly stockpiling.
    The fact is, there is no shortage of these items if people just shop as normal – but they WILL create shortages by panic bulk-buying, because they mess up the supply chain. Every supermarket has a schedule for replenishing their shelves and their stock rooms and warehouses. But that schedule is being thrown into chaos because of the sudden, crazy bulk buying that's going on. Supermarkets don't expect their shelves to be cleared suddenly of things like flour, so of course those shelves are empty while they set about speeding up the supply. It is madness!
    People really need to calm down and use their heads. They have a nuclear war mentality, whereby they think they had better turn their homes into bunkers full of non-perishable foods and 2 years' supply of toilet rolls! This virus will not affect the vast majority of people. Take sensible measures – wash your hands more often, especially when you have been out mixing with strangers. Make washing hands the first thing you do as a family when you get home. Wash down kitchen surfaces with a mild bleach solution (shops have sold out of bleach and all the expensive kitchen sprays but you can make your own much more cheaply – put around 2 tablespoons of neat bleach into 500ml of water, pour it into a plastic spray bottle and Voila! A cheap and effective virus-killing surface spray that won't break the bank or use up all your bleach).
    Thank you for your wonderful new video about stretching store cupboard ingredients to make meals. I highly recommend it to everyone, not just in current times when supermarket shelves are bare or you want to stay home, but all year round when funds are low. Which is the reality for most of us, at least some of the time!

  2. Since I've been cooking for a family it has amazed me just how far dried pasta can make meat go. Pasta is cheap and miraculous in its ability to stretch a meal! I can buy a standard pack of minced (ground) beef and rustle up a delicious lasagne that would feed 6-8 people. There's no way that mince would feed that amount of people used in other recipes like burgers.
    Equally, a 'pasta bake' is a way to turn leftover meat and cooked veg into a delicious hot meal. Just boil and drain the pasta then add whatever combinations of leftover cold cooked chicken, ham, chopped sausage, bacon, turkey, canned tuna etc etc you have, with either leftover cooked fresh or frozen veg (the point is, all meat/fish you put with the pasta should be already cooked).
    I feel you need some kind of sauce to make a pasta dish work as a hot meal, so I often mix the cooked pasta shells or penne with delicious meat & veg that we like, then put it in an ovenproof dish and top it with a home made white/cheese sauce, and top with grated cheese. 20 minutes in the oven to heat it through and it's a great meal. We love onion and garlic in our house, so I always saute some and add to the cooked pasta mix before topping with cheese sauce and baking. If there's one store cupboard ingredient I wouldn't be without it's pasta, closely followed by rice. With imagination and a few delicious, basic additions, it doesn't take much effort to create a simple and inexpensive meal if you have those to hand.

  3. I swear she cooks the best looking food. One day imma have to make time to go shopping for ingrediants to make some of these recipies. U should start a food truck business and sell ur food. That's actually me and my dad's dream. But u would make good money off of the stuff u cook ♥️

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