Cretan Life – Olive Harvest, Kazani, sheep skinning and much more! Mirabello Estate November 2021

Thanks for observing! Here is one of the vital motion from our remaining olive harvest, plus a Kazani – making Raki – and skinning a sheep via a neighborhood shepherd!

Cretan Olive Harvest for our 2022 Cretan Liquid Gold Organic’ Extra Virgin olive oil. The olives groves are located within the north east of Crete, close to Agios Nikolaos on our personal non-public property, Mirabello Estate. We don’t use any synthetic fertilisers. Sheep survive the sphere as a part of our herbal natural fertilisation strategies, and in addition they munch away at the weeds!

The olives are harvested the usage of a mix of hand choosing for smaller timber, and rotating poles for the bigger ones; preferably we adore to select when the olives are simply ripening and turning from green to black however this timing calls for splendid quantities of rain; this 12 months used to be very dry so the olives ripened in no time, generating a much upper proprotion of absolutely ripe olives than we normally have; this isn’t a foul factor, because it approach a extra fragrant olive oil, that may be reasonably much less sour than if there have been extra green olives within the combine.

Koroneiki olives produce a powerful olive oil which is of course top in polyphenols, and our yield this 12 months has produced an excessively low acidity extra virgin olive oil with very top polyphenol ranges; the oil could be very fragrant however with a robust pepper and sour part, a herbal characteristic of prime quality olive oil.
The oil is pressed at the similar day as harvest, bottled and shipped over to the United Kingdom, the place we promote it by the use of our father or mother corporate, Liquid Gold Products! We are very proud to mention that our Cretan Liquid Gold Organic olive oil is a favorite with many well-known cooks, together with Nigella Lawson and Masterchef winners, Thomasina Miers and Irini Tzortzoglou.

The video additionally displays bits from a standard Kazani I used to be invited to (that is the place the native ‘firewater’, Raki, is made), considered one of our sheep being stuck via my farmer and his son (and skinned) – the method used to be implausible, I can make a fuller video of it as soon as I’ve were given again house, and of the kazani too; and a shot of me in an enormous pair of sun shades which I began dressed in after the primary day of harvesting after I were given pelted within the eye a number of occasions via some very speedy flying olive missiles! Always put on goggles! Or if you have no, a minimum of a couple of very powerful Chanel sun shades!

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