Cypriot Sister of Focaccia: Mrs. Bitta! Savory Cake of Olives, Onion, Halloumi Cheese and Mint!

Today we’ve one thing for the ones of you who’re making ready to include the vacation and lockdown days! We are going to be comforting ourselves with my favourite youth baking excellent referred to as `bitta` with olives! Bitta is a Cypriot bread like cake and pizza -a cousin of focaccia- made with olives, halloumi and rather a lot of flavors. With the very best crust and heat crumb it’s going to hug you prefer a chum that you just haven’t met for ages!

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900 gr bread dough (chances are you’ll use in a position to bake dough. If frozen, quilt with a fabric and depart it to thaw. You can knead it your self as smartly, recipe under)
250 gr halloumi, diced (wash ahead of the usage of to rinse off extra salt)
100 gr string cheese, diced (now not crucial, you’ll exchange 100 gr halloumi)
120 gr black olives, pitted and chopped
1 onion, finely chopped
3 sprigs of spring onion, sliced (or 10 sprigs of chives or 1,5 onions)
150 gr yogurt (4 heaped tablespoons, however, kefir, cream or 100 ml milk)
100 ml olive oil, plus extra for greasing
1 tablespoon sugar (skip if you happen to’re kneading the dough your self)
1 egg
2 excellent handfuls of dried mint
1 handful of nigella seeds
1 handful of sesame seeds

• Preheat the oven on higher and decrease warmth, with out fan to 200 C (400 F). Place a twine rack at the decrease shelf.
• Put the dough in a big bowl and upload onions, spring onions, halloumi and string cheese.
• Then upload the yogurt, olive oil, olives, sugar, egg and in any case the dried mint.
• Roughly combine for 30 seconds. Gently folding could be nice, don’t punch down the dough whilst blending.
• Grease a cake tin and switch the dough to it. If there are some components on best, pull the dough from facets and quilt them to stop the extra browning in oven.
• Sprinkle the sesame and nigella seeds and let it upward push in a heat position about Quarter-hour, till somewhat puffed.
• Bake the bitta for 40 mins. To test for doneness, thrust a pairing knife into the bitta’s centre and if there’s any dough caught to the knife, bake for every other 10-Quarter-hour.
• Rest for five mins after baking. Your bitta is able to experience with the very best crust and puffy, heat texture, which embraces all the ones insanely scrumptious flavors!

To make the bread dough:
550 gr all function flour
330 ml lukewarm water
1 heaped teaspoon salt
1×10 g sachet of dried yeast
1 tablespoon sugar

• Mix the lukewarm water, sugar and the yeast in a jar and let it take a seat for five mins.
• Put the flour and the salt into a big bowl.
• Gradually pour the water into the bowl whilst stirring.
• Knead the dough for 10 mins or till easy to your counter.
• Place again in an oiled bowl. Cover with a humid fabric and depart it to turn out in a heat position for 1 hour or till doubled in measurement.

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35 thoughts on “Cypriot Sister of Focaccia: Mrs. Bitta! Savory Cake of Olives, Onion, Halloumi Cheese and Mint!”

  1. Dear Refika, I made this. Followed your instructions step by step. After adding the yoghurt I must say that I doubted you. It looked like a gooey gloopy mess. Kept going, what else could I do at that point? I shall never, EVER, doubt you again!! It turned out fantastic! Easily the best thing that’s come out of my oven. Period. Thank you so much and i wish you, Bahar and the whole team a wonderful 2021.

  2. Dear Refika. Thankyou. I love your channel. Thankyou so much for sharing these beautiful recipes and culture. Can I ask for the recipe for the bread dough please.. I don't think I can buy it ready made here🥖🙏

  3. I made halloumi last night and wanted to make a bread recipe I found. I made it, then found your recipe. I'm pretty sure the recipe I used will be an disappointment 😞
    However I still have enough halloumi cheese leftover that I can try your recipe too. I'm so happy. Here in USA I don't have the same olive that you use. I have can of black olive. I will make due. Thanks again for sharing. Absolutely love your channel.

  4. Recipes I love them I enjoy my subscriber to your channel I hope that you're all well and doing beautiful through all of The strain that we're all feeling with this covid 19 and at the new strain may you all be richly blessed your story about your mama breaking your oven is adorable and your bread recipe is absolutely beautiful I hope it's in your cookbook take care and be blessed all of you and thank you for making even watching her recipe channel even more fun than I ever thought it could be thank you again

  5. All the wisdom u share about food, its history, its care, things to notice in ingredients……. is such value addition that only a good daughter like u can provide!
    And I must say ur Mom is very pretty indeed 😍

  6. Hello Refika. I’m a new follower from Lebanon 🇱🇧 and I salute your lovely sense of humor 🙌🏻. Love all your recipes too. I found your halloumi recipe in Turkish and would love if you can make it in English please. Great channel all the way

  7. I have just made my third batch of this bread ,some with a few quirks… it is soooo delicious. Thank you, Rafika. Now who should I share the recipe with… probably la cousine extraordinaire Lisa Roos

  8. Why isn't this famous?!

    Onion is bread is happiness. I put caramelized onions in a focaccia type bread (and sun-dried tomatoes). But now I have to make it with olives, cheese, and gobs of mint. Your version is a high hydration dough, right?

  9. Thank you. Mum used to make this, and it was always amazing. You know when I liked it even better than hot, and best! when cold and dried out a bit from the oven the flavors seem to impact even more. Food like this made a happy home and leaves a wonderful scent.

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