DESERT MIRACLE Organic Cold Pressed Polyphenol Rich Moroccan Olive Oil – Avocado Toast

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Gold Medals Awards Winning olive oil from Morocco Trusted By The Best Master Chefs In The World

• 【 ULTRA-PREMIUM ORGANIC EVOO olive oil FROM MOROCCO 】 We are positioned in the midst of a rocky barren region at the phosphate plate at 150 Kilometers from Casablanca against Marrakech. In this Farm, we got rid of greater than 480,000 cubic meters of stones and constructed one wall by way of hand, stone by way of stone, on a period of 6 Kilometers 1.5 meter prime and 1 meter deep. In this manner now we have in any case attained the optimum agronomic traits required by way of the olive bushes for the most efficient imaginable olive manufacturing.
• 【 HIGH POLYPHENOL AND FIRST COLD PRESSED EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil 】 Our Olive bushes are planted in a harsh rocky barren region in Morocco . The vital temperature diversifications (124°F in summer season with extraordinarily chilly nights), the rocky soil the place the roots fight to increase in conjunction with the shortage of water places rigidity at the olive bushes. In the method of shielding themselves, the olive bushes produce a prime quantity of antioxidants . Extremely Healthy olive oil in Rich Polyphenols
• 【 THE BEST CHEFS IN THE WORLD PREFER DESERT MIRACLE 】 Exclusive Restaurants and comfort lodges, but additionally prime consultant establishments and prestigious connoisseur shops (in addition to award-successful American Chefs) have selected our extra virgin olive oils. Ten Michelin-starred eating places use Desert Miracle Oive Oils to create dishes meant for an unique, subtle and critical public.
• 【 WHO ARE USING OUR EXTRA VIRGIN COLD PRESSED OLIVE OILS ? 】 Hotel George V in Paris (Michelin Star Restaurant), Embassy of USA in Paris, Jean Marie Amat Restaurant in Bordeaux , Pierre Gagnaire ( Michelin Star Chef ) , Yannick Alleno ( Michelin Star Chef ) , Thierry Marx ( Michelin Star Chef ) , Frédéric Antonr ( Michelin Star Chef ) and extra …

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