Detailing the Latest Meghan Markle Magazine Cover Story, with Emily Jashinsky and Eliana Johnson

Megyn Kelly is joined by way of The Federalist tradition editor Emily Jashinsky and Free Beacon editor-in-chief Eliana Johnson to speak about the newest Meghan Markle mag duvet tale, her embody of victimhood, and extra.

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37 thoughts on “Detailing the Latest Meghan Markle Magazine Cover Story, with Emily Jashinsky and Eliana Johnson”

  1. As a South African, I can tell you that we did not dance in the streets when she married Harry. I do, however remember that most of the people I know, had TVs on in their offices and were excited about William and Kate getting married. Sure, we were happy for Harry, but not that interested

  2. The frightening aspect is that there is still media outlets that will publish Markles lies as truth. thats the shocking world of post modernism. No fucks given about honesty or fact checking. Just lie and go on attack mode as long as we have the same target. That she wasnt dumped by ALL media after her proven lying just on the Ophra interview alone is testament how bad it really has gotten nowadays.
    At this point the RF should strip Harry of all titles left to him. He is just not worth it and by association damages the RF extensively.

  3. She’s the only one who’s racist. She constantly brings it up and had the audacity to compare her and Harry salt & pepper!!
    By the way when there’s a baby in the making I haven’t heard one person not ask “oh I wonder what the baby will look like ? Have moms eyes? Dad’s hair of coloring? Give me a break.

  4. She was feted in the UK press as well. She was given extra positive press because she was mixed race(as we say in UK). It is bizarre to hear her claims… They are so far from the truth.

  5. Just letting Americans know, Meghan is a total liar. In Britain we don't use the "n" word. That's an American thing. We use the "W" word, which is REALLY offensive. It's so offensive that even British rap artists don't use it.

  6. This coming from a middle-aged white supremacist hag who did blackface of Diana Ross because she couldn’t find any decent White women to emulate. Duchess Meghan will forever live on in World History while you fade away into irrelevance and obscurity even as we speak.

  7. I really appreciated what one of Ms. Kelly's guests pointed out, that the redefining and exaggeration from the left on issues such as racism leads other people to a distorted view of how things are. I'm in the U.S., and have already had ten separate conversations on YouTube comment threads today, as to the likelihood or frequency of the use of the 'n' word here. Thank goodness, these were on civilized channels, where it's possible to share about difficult subjects without being shouted down! This is very different to discussions I typically skirt around online, where to simply talk about my own life's experiences, is apparently so inflammatory that even my loved ones insist that I am wrong (meaning: racist). There are multiple important issues that I ONLY discuss my opinions on with my husband. He is the only person in my life who knows me well enough to not assume I'm saying something I'm not. I mean, how bad is it, when even one's family or friends can't actually LISTEN to another opinion without losing their freaking minds?

  8. Right now most people are remembering the Peoples Princess Di on this 25th anniversary of her death she was real and kind, before to long Meghan will be an after thought she's just in it for the money

  9. NARCiCISTIC to the max. First of all, ?what exactly has she done for the african-american ppl ? what is her social contribution?. And in what way is her child dark skin at all?? she is Mix race as black as i am (also mix race) wth is she on? and why Netflix and Spotify keeps giving her spotlight??? is annoying the reason i don’t use Netflix anymore too!!! she has some ball to compare herself to someone who went thru hell for what it was real no made up racism. How dare she does that!!!

  10. Rumours abound that Meghan wrote the article herself as the language used is very similar to Meghan's own overly flowery verbose writing. Meghan cannot substantiate her comments about Archie with proof. She is the racist!

  11. Why is she always the victim? It's disgusting to even listen to her speak. Imagine having to be around her for 8 hrs or for a full day. Total narcissist and possibly has a mental health disorder imo.

  12. The fact this interview was released around the 25th anniversary of Diana's death is just so unpleasant and cannot be a coincidence. Blatantly taking some sick advantage of this horrific anniversary for her husband speaks volumes about the fame hungry attitude of this couple.
    On the N word, I can't recall ANY racist articles here in the UK. Only Royal I recall any hint of racism is Harry himself, in his youth.

  13. What a spoiled self absorbed brat….she has all kind of privledge that most people can't even imagine and this whiney entitled girl child does nothing but stand in front of a mic day in and day out bleating "poor me". Seriously sick of her. While she's running around attacking everyone and everything the rest of us are struggling to provide food for our families. Get over your self. Also sickened by your pathetic husband who supports this pathetic mess.

  14. C'mmon guys..! How pathetic..get real..!
    Why can't you do better reporting other than character assasinate people like Meghan Markle. I can not understand your mentality of journalism and being educated commentators.Look yourselves in the mirror ..are you really what you are in public speaking? Improve your stature in journalism ( if you ever are) in public.

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