Difference between Hair Oil and Serum | Hair Oil VS Serum

In This Video I’ll let you know the variation between hair oil and serum.
hair oil vs serum which one is best.
I’ll resolution the entire questions associated with each form of merchandise on this video.

Best hair Oil :
Best hair Serum :

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35 thoughts on “Difference between Hair Oil and Serum | Hair Oil VS Serum”

  1. दुख इस बात का नहीं, 
    कि तुम मेरी ना हुई. 
    दुख  इस बात का है, 
    तुम यादों से ना गयी !! 😭

  2. Sir how is lbert hair serum
    I have been using it for quite a while are there any better products
    Also please recommend oil I'm using almond
    My hair condition is thin and i want to grow it longer

  3. Guys Subscribe Kar K jana Support Dikhao love you and niche kuch links h products k jo me recommend karta hoon PRODUCTS I RECOMMEND :

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  4. Mam kya oil baal dhone se pehle hi use kare ki normally hamesha use kar sakte h as sham ya night ko hair serum toh sirf baal wash ke time hi use kiya jata h n.. Aur baal wash toh week mai 2 times hi hote h.. Pls mam serum aur oil ka sath mai use bataye… Kya dono sath mai nahi kar sakte

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