Disassembling & Moving an Ancient Oil Press in Taiwan (Part I)

This film was recorded when our ancient oil press was disassembled and returned to the owner’s family from a local folk village in December of 2002.

This oil press belonged to my grandparents. It was made for pressing peanuts to make cooking oil since probably 1890. The length of the wooden oil press is 3.8 meters and the diameter 0.77 meter.

Since April 1991, it was on loan to a local folk village for public display. More discussion on the ancient oil press in Taiwan and their operations can be found in Part II of this video at:

On editing this film, the noisy audio background while diassembling the oil press was suppressed and mixed with a praise song “So good to know You (讚美之泉 – “認識祢真好”)” from:


油車間(Cooking oil shops in the history of Taiwan):(in Chinese)

Traditional Oil Expeller:
(Ghana of India)

(Oil Press of Isreal)

Modern small manual press:

Modern electric vegetable oil press:

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