Do NOT Cook with This!!!

Is there a healthy way to enjoy deep-fried foods? Find out about the best and worst oil for deep-frying!

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0:00 Introduction: The worst oil to cook with
0:52 Seed oils
4:46 Side effects of seed oils
5:55 Healthiest oils for frying
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In this video, we’re going to talk about the best and worst oil for deep frying.

Seed oils are polyunsaturated fatty acids. Vegetable oil is actually seed oil—it doesn’t come from vegetables.

Seed oils go through industrial processing involving heating and the addition of solvents like hexane, a chemical found in gasoline. This process allows seed oils to be shelf-stable for long periods of time. Around 25% to 30% of our calories come from seed oils.

When you cook processed foods like donuts in seed oils, you’re combining sugar with fat and heat. This process, called glycation, creates sticky proteins in the body.

Fast food oil is reheated and reused repeatedly. The more it’s heated, the more toxic it becomes.

Seed oils were not originally created for human consumption. They’re incredibly damaging to the mitochondria and lead to insulin resistance, fatty liver disease, obesity, heart disease, and an increased risk for cancer.

Soybean oil causes the most damage to the body, followed by corn oil, sunflower oil, and canola oil. Healthier cooking oils for frying include avocado oil, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, beef tallow, butter, and ghee. Keep in mind it’s best to cook over low or medium heat. Pan-frying, air-frying, and stir-frying are healthier options than deep-frying over high heat.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you choose the best oil to cook with. I’ll see you in the next video.

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28 thoughts on “Do NOT Cook with This!!!

  1. @celesteinman56 says:

    Thank you because on weekends I fry my free ranch non chemical hen eggs with organic humanly raised bacon and sometimes I'll melt raw cheddar goat cheese over them for an awesome satisfying meal.🌝

  2. @amclar2 says:

    Hey doc, what are your thoughts on supplementing PQQ and CoQ10 as IVE heard they repair your mitochondria (in addition to not using these trash oils and eating fast food)

  3. @jogmas12 says:

    I have known about the dangers of these oils for many years now, I’m surrounded by people I know who regularly cook with such oils and they have had strokes and other types related health problems.

  4. @johnaorrell7144 says:

    Hi Doc. Appreciate your advice greatly. However, Can I suggest your calling beef fat “ beef dripping “ not tallow. Tallow is more applicable to inedible fats ( certainly in UK) It also sounds better. Lard is from pork products.

  5. @mrandrewhowell says:

    In the Uk we use rapeseed oil quite a lot which has a good high smoke point. I’ve often wondered where it site n the healthy scale. Anything where I don’t expect it to smoke I use Olive oil

  6. @thereisonlyone6357 says:

    Ethiopian food is one of the healthiest and best tasting food. Gluten free bread made from Teff flour called injera and varieties of meat and vegetables cooked in spices, NO deep frying in oil at all.

  7. @MissJhane says:

    How about peanut oil? Deep frying in general as you mentioned is not good. I am so reducing the frying food. Baking or grill on BBQ is much better. Thank you for doing this segment

  8. @yarpos says:

    I know its an American thing, but really there is no need to deep fry food. There is no way it can be any good for you regardless of what you use.

  9. @brianlee5702 says:

    I don't deep fry anything because it's so much cheaper, easier and effective to shallow fry it olive oil and butter with one flip half way through. What tiny bit of oil is left over gets disposed of correctly and never re-used.

    Another great alternative to deep fry is giving your food the tiniest spray of oil and then baking it. Looks and tastes a million times better.

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