Dual lye 100% Olive Oil Castille soap (Reduced cure time? Lather Test Included)

Soap Making video of twin lye castile soap make with 100% olive oil, sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. Normally, potassium hydroxide is utilized in liquid soap making and on this example the addition of potassium hydroxide is to extend the solubility of the soap – decreasing the slime and sticky lather this is unique to olive oil soaps at 4 weeks cure time. Normally, it take 6-One year for castile soap to supply a greater lather. Let’s see how this works out!

Please at all times observe protection necessities whilst making soap! Sodium/Potassium hydroxide is caustic and will motive burns on skin or on mucous membranes!

Normal castile soaps made with 100% castile soaps will require a 6-12 month cure time to have great lather. I’ve learn in more than one web pages that has discussed the addition of potassium hydroxide to conquer this lengthy cure time. I’ve additionally integrated a lather check on the finish evaluating the lather of a castile soap I’ve made twelve months in the past and the twin lye castile soap. Remember to take a look at the way it plays at 3:54 and four:16.

It is vital to combine your hydroxides one at time! Make certain your resolution has turn out to be transparent after including the opposite. It can be absolute best to pour your soap down a spatula to eliminate some air bubbles in contrast to me! Other useful pointers is to put the soap into the refrigerator sooner than slicing additionally assist with unmoulding. The smell from the infused oil is so great and strikes a chord in my memory of a scent of a baby!

Timeline of the video:
0:14 Filtering the lavender infused olive oil
0:41 Making of the twin lye resolution
1:31 Adding within the lye resolution into the olive oil
2:33 Pouring of the soap into the mold
2:54 Unmoulding of the soap
3:09 Cutting of the soap
3:39 Planing of the soap
3:44 Finished Photos
3:54 Lather check of a castile soap made twelve months in the past
4:16 Lather check of the twin lye castile soap on this video at 4 weeks

Ingredients: Lavender infused olive oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide

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Thank you for staring at and percentage with me your studies of creating castile soap!

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12 thoughts on “Dual lye 100% Olive Oil Castille soap (Reduced cure time? Lather Test Included)”

  1. Hi, I love your videos! It's informative and yet not daunting, please keep up the good work. This dual lye soap castile soap which you made, does it need the same amount of curing time as a normal castile bar too? Thank you.

  2. Thanks for all the know-how you gracefully share. I would like to mention that what you name castile soap is in fact named after the city of Castille in Spain. The name is pronounced "casteey" not "castil". Thought i'd mention it. It is a recurring mistake on many sites…

  3. Hello, thank you very much for informative video, it’s really interesting)) thank you so much for your work)) may I ask how much water do you use here? 30% water as a percent of oils ? Or you take more because of KOH? Thank you very much

  4. Hi Janice, Nice work. New learning today. I am new to Shanghai. I bought few essential oils over Taobao, for my soaps, but not satisfied with smell and quality. Can you help me with few choices of DIY soap materials.

  5. Can you share the recipe you used. I'm new to making soap and don't know now to use the calculator yet. I've just been following people's recipes they share on YouTube and have done great.

  6. Excellent video. I'm a pharmacist too 😊 I made a small batch of bar soap once last year as an activity for the kids 😁 during the pandemic lockdowns 😉 Love your channel, immediately subscribed, please keep up the good work.
    What's your lye ratio for bar castile soap? What's your lye ratio (or whole recipe) for shaving soap?

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