Ear Infections: Avoid This One Thing…

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Do you (or your kid) have an ear an infection? Avoid this something!

0:00 Ear Infections: Avoid This One Thing…
0:12 What is an ear an infection?
1:16 Causes of ear infections
2:40 Ear an infection house therapies


In this video, we’re going to discuss the only factor it’s a must to steer clear of when you have an ear an infection.

This ear an infection is often known as otitis media. The phrase “media” comes from the phrase “middle”. These sorts of ear infections originate within the heart ear.

The heart ear has a small tube this is about an inch and a part that connects your heart ear to the again of your throat. This tube is normally collapsed, which prevents mucus from backing up into the ear, and it is helping equalize the force on your ear. The tube additionally is helping drain fluid from the center ear.

There are a number of commonplace reasons of ear infections.
1. Smoking or being uncovered to second-hand smoke
2. Bacterial and viral infections
3. Milk hypersensitive reactions (that is the number 1 reason behind ear infections in kids!)

A drop of colloidal silver can assist with ear infections. It has robust antibacterial and antiviral houses. Garlic oil blended with olive oil additionally works really well.

Finally, you wish to have to steer clear of all milk merchandise and sugars.

Children who’re breastfed even have decrease charges of ear infections than kids who don’t seem to be breastfed.


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Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 56, is a chiropractor who focuses on Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the creator of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He not practices, however makes a speciality of well being schooling thru social media.


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Dr. Eric Berg won his Doctor of Chiropractic level from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of “doctor” or “Dr.” relating to himself only refers to that level. Dr. Berg is an authorized chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, however he not practices chiropractic in any state and does no longer see sufferers so he can center of attention on instructing folks as a complete time process, but he maintains an lively license. This video is for common informational functions most effective. It must no longer be used to self-diagnose and it isn’t an alternative choice to a clinical examination, treatment, remedy, analysis, and prescription or advice. It does no longer create a doctor-patient courting between Dr. Berg and also you. You must no longer make any exchange on your well being routine or nutrition ahead of first consulting a health care provider and acquiring a clinical examination, analysis, and advice. Always search the recommendation of a health care provider or different certified well being supplier with any questions you’ll have referring to a clinical situation.

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Thanks for looking at. I am hoping this helped transparent up why you must steer clear of milk if in case you have an ear an infection. I’ll see you within the subsequent video.

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47 thoughts on “Ear Infections: Avoid This One Thing…”

  1. Back in the 60s I remember waking up with my pillow case stuck to my face from my ear rupturing at night. To this day (I’m 60) my right ear hurts so bad when the weather changes.

  2. You are absolutely right Dr. here is my own story!

    I did not breast feed due to health reasons. my daughter had ear infections from the age of 1.5 through 3.25… every month we would sit at the doctor’s office and feed her anti biotics. Once we stop the meds, the infection would return in a week. She had tubes implanted but still continued to get ear infections.

    We the. Stopped giving her the costly organic milk forties with DHA and Vitamin D and switched to A2 milk from a farm. I started buying the raw milk and boiling it at home. With just this one change, my daughter’s ear infection magically disappeared. Like it immediately went away as if she never had this issue at all! Eventually the tubes on her ears were removed and the ear infection never came back.

    A2 milk is nutritious for health but run away from A1 milk!

  3. I tried apple cider vinegar and it works everytime like a charm. I take a small glass of warm water and add a teaspoon of acv to it and use a dropper to drop into my ears, keep it inside for half a minute and then straighten my head and wipe off my ear clean.

  4. If it’s a middle ear infection nasal spray fixes it because it started from within the sinuses. It took me 30 something years to find a good doctor who didn’t prescribe me medication like antibiotics and explained it to me and told me 2 sprays of nasal spray in each nostril 2 times a day… every time now within 1 day it’s gone. And my ear infections come on so fast and get painful really quick. Hope this helps someone.

  5. Dr. Berg,my husband has a lot of mucus and drainage that causes him to choke. I put a drop of garlic oil in water and cleaned out his ears with it. It started burning so bad I had to rinse his ears out. What would a drop of the garlic oil do to a child?

  6. I’m 57 and had 2 ear infections in the past year so bad I had a tube put in to drain the fluid, I eat quite a bit of cheese, makes me think 🤔
    I wonder if I can put the Colloidal silver in with a tube in there ?

  7. Can you discuss “glue ear”? I have had it twice. Once for 6 weeks and once for 3 weeks. I couldn’t hear anything and ENT said there was nothing wrong. Had it as a result of a cold. I get ear infections 1/yr.

  8. WARNING about xylotol sug. substitute, it is toxic to pets. Beware of any candy or gum that has this in it. Xlear nose spray (with xylotol) will help also, and they have a child version. However when blowing your nose, beware of your used tissues (re: pets).

  9. I don't know if its related, but for years my left ear feels blocked. The canal from the left ear to the left nostril feels blocked. I just tried garlic infused olive oil on my left ear and was able to open up the canal and that night I noticed on my cpap machine that I have now zero central sleep apnea event that night. I will try more experiments, but I could now feel air moving from back of my throat to my left ear canal now. Antibiotic droplets provided minor help in the past

  10. Thank you for this video Dr. Berg. Ive been using silver colloidal for years. I get ear infections all the time. This time my glands are hurting and sore throat from my sinuses. Glad for the info.

  11. I had endless ear infections as a child. Mum told the doctor, ‘I think she gets them after having lots of dairy.’ Doctor consistently told her that dairy wouldn’t cause the ear infections. I feel vindicated on her behalf.

  12. Omg this is so true! My daughter never drank milk until she started school and she got soooo many ear infections. I never realized this until another mom mentioned milk and ear infections.

  13. Dr eric i can put my tounge towards the back off my throat and then above the pallate of my mouth and i can even touch the inside of my nose but also i can touch the circular things theres one on both sides near the back of my throat are those my tonsils or are those the things that connect to my ear you were talking about in the video

  14. I don't have ear infection but it seems like my left ear is clogged or swollen. When I get out of shower I use tissue to dry my inner ears…one ear is definetly hard to get tissue in…no pain though but hearing is foggier.

  15. Most milk products don’t give me an earache, but butter does! Milk or cheese, no problem. But if I cook a melted cheese sandwich or an egg in lots of butter — earache!

  16. Sunday night/Monday morning I experienced very muffled hearing in both ears and laryngitis. So I can’t hear or speak☹️. Went into urgent care Monday morning. They put me on antibiotics for 10 days. It’s now been 4 full days and not any bit of improvement. Should I be at least seeing some improvement by now? I have an allergy to penicillin, so they didn’t prescribe the “best” prescription, gave me the “next level down” perception. Hoping someone can give me some insight as to weather by now I should be noticing any improvements? 50 year old male.

  17. I HEARD – Dr Berg said verbatim, "92 percent of the cases are bacteria and 70 percent of the cases of the cases are viral related" so last time I checked 92 plus 70 does not equal 100. I Really appreciate Dr. Berg's advice – but somebody else help me because my math tells me you can only HAVE 100 PERCENT OF CASES. PLEASE EXPLAIN. MANY THANKS!

  18. Milk?? Oh myy i never thought it can cause ear infection. I literally had mind 3 days ago after drank 1L of milk and its getting better until this morning i drank a glass of milk and put milk in my steamed bread. Im in soo much pain right now 🥹

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