In this video I’ll be appearing you the best way to make highly spiced marinated mushrooms in olive oil. I’ve used olive oil on this recipe however be at liberty to make use of any oil of your selection. For this simple highly spiced marinated mushrooms in olive oil you’re going to want the next components.

2 cloves of medium sized garlic
Black pepper corn
2 bay leaves
Chilli pepper
Dried Oregano
Sea salt
olive oil
Vinegar (I used apple cider vinegar)
Shimeji mushrooms (you’ll be able to use any mushroom of your selection)
Canning jar/mason jar

1. Cut, separate and wash mushrooms. Rinse the mushrooms correctly to get out extra grime
2. Slice the cloves of garlic and chilli
3. Pour some water right into a medium sized pot/pan, upload vinegar, a tablespoon of salt and upload your bay leaves
4. Transfer the mushrooms to the pot and let it boil for 5-7 mins. Take care to not overcook them
5. While the mushroom is cooking get ready a tray covered with a kitchen material or paper.
6. Transfer your cooked mushrooms onto the kitchen covered tray and depart them to chill down naturally
7. While the mushrooms are cooling down, wash your jar with cleaning soap and sizzling water to keep away from contaminating the mushrooms
8. When the mushroom have absolutely cooled down, switch your mushrooms, black pepper corns, oregano oil, chilli and garlic into the jar topping it up with olive oil.
9. Ensure the mushrooms are absolutely lined and submerged in olive oil because the olive oil will assist maintain the mushroom.
10. Screw at the lid and retailer for your fridge for approximately 4-5 days
11. After 4-5 days. Take your jar of mushrooms from your fridge and revel in it with some bread

***Each time you devour your mushroom all the time most sensible it up with olive oil because the olive oil will assist maintain the mushrooms
*** Always stay your jar of mushrooms within the fridge
***Always use blank utensils when scooping out your mushrooms
*** The mushrooms can also be stored for as much as 4 months

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  1. It s my first time doing this with, variety of forest mushrooms, because in my parents' village there are three seasons to gather with various varieties, sometimes we have 150 kg in just 3 days to gather with the family and we usually freeze them, but with your recipe we hope to preserve their flavor much better, we have chose to sterilize them for 10 minutes to last up to a year, thank you very much for the recipe, I really like what you post.

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