Eat Olive Oil EVERY DAY and THIS Happens to Your Body! | Dr. Steven Gundry

Discover the amazing health benefits of olive oil! olive oil is a powerhouse of nutrition that can help you live a healthier life.
“The purpose of food is to get olive oil into your mouth”. That’s one of Dr. Gundry’s favorite sayings and you’ve probably seen him take shots of olive oil right here on this channel or even swish his teeth with it. So why is he so obsessed with olive oil? Find out in this episode why it’s one of the best things for your health and how you can incorporate it into your life.

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olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean diet and is packed with beneficial compounds. It is high in polyphenols which help promote mitochondrial health. The key to finding high-quality olive oil is to look for cold-pressed, extra virgin varieties with a pressing date. To get the most out of olive oil, it should be stored in a dark, cool place and used sparingly. Trader Joe’s and Costco are great places to find high-quality olive oil. With its numerous benefits, adding olive oil to your diet can be a great way to promote good health.

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42 thoughts on “Eat Olive Oil EVERY DAY and THIS Happens to Your Body! | Dr. Steven Gundry

  1. IP. Man says:

    Nothing has changed since I'm using Olive oil daily. 3 tsp into my salad in the morning, some olive oil for cooking over the day. I'm using “Picual olive oil”, because it is one if not the best for heating. And NO, there was no Olive Oil in Europe 5000 years ago.😉

  2. Groneveltt says:

    Dr G – I don't get it. In regard to cooking You say that olive oil does not oxidize fast and easy. In regard to contact with air (not sunlight) You say that it oxidizes quite fast. I buy olive oil in 3 liter (sometimes even 5 liter) metal containers and I consume it in about 4-6 weeks after opening. I have never observed any strange changes in taste, smell or colour of the oil after 4-6 weeks. My extra virgin olive oil is never older than 1 year.

  3. Dougie da Napoli says:

    I live in the the south of Italy, over 25 years, and I cook with EVO daily. My olive oil never smokes, ever. I cook on a gas stove with a very low flame to brown my garlic (aglio)and peperoncini (red pepper). I’m now almost exclusively using EVO from the province of Bari in Puglia. That area provides the harsh dry conditions to produce high polyphenols with that peppery spicy after taste. I buy it by the case usually and sometimes go to the olive orchards for a nice outing in October and November when they are harvesting it. But, it is easily found in our supermarkets too.

  4. Nominal Egg says:

    In the description: "To get the most out of olive oil, it should be stored in a dark, cool place and used sparingly." Sparingly? I thought the idea was to get as much EVOO into your mouth as possible.

  5. Titi says:

    Hello Dr., First of all, I would like to thank you so much for your industriousness. I am worried about my daughter She is 1 her diagnosis is renal tubular acidosis How you can help me What to do with her and to cure the problem? Thank you!

  6. Diana L says:

    about 7 yrs ago, I increased the amount of EVOO in my diet due to its overall health benefits. I believe it's partly responsible for my ability to stay naturally thin in my early 50s, when most people this age have issues w/ weight gain.🙌

  7. Jane Sorensen says:

    I needed this today! Just yesterday I told my daughter not to cook with it (I heard this from another Dr on YouTube). I have been taking shots of 1T once a day for the last few weeks. 👍 Obviously, that needs to go up. Hey, here’s an idea to keep it fresh. Vacuum seal it in dark mason jars in between uses and keep it in the cupboard. I have a handy mason jar vacuum sealer I got for about $30 on Amazon.

  8. Kitchen Garden Therapy says:

    I’ve tried keto twice in the past few years and quit both times because of terrible Keto rash. Now over a month ago I decided to give it another try and sure enough Rash appeared on my scalp and neck. After three weeks of waiting and trying everything recommended it went away. Now after 24 hour fast it came back again all over my scalp with my lymph nodes swollen and painful. I’m taking bile salts/digestive enzymes, B1, Biotin, Riboflavin, Probiotics, other vitamins. Eating tons of veggies, avoiding lectins. I’ve become adapted to metabolic switch, even when I eat carbs, the next morning Im back to ketosis. I just don’t understand why my body is punishing me like that. The Rash is terrible, painful, I can’t sleep and my weight hit the plateau as well. Please help

  9. Dadlord says:

    Mitochondria is a thing nobody ever seen in living cell. The way they "discovered" cell organelles is by freezing cella (what is destroying them be expending the iced water) and cutting them open after (what causing artifacts to appear). And now those artifacts are observed visually and some moron called them organelles. Everyone else are just accept it as a fact and now we have a profound lore written about it called microbiology. If something is actually working – it is the result of multiple experiments. And the next suspect is nuclear with it's "DNA" that is magically fold into it. Yeah, welcome to middle ages you have never left. But now you know why eggs one day are good and the next day are proclaimed to be evil. This people have no clue about body, except obvious level of conclusions.

  10. Michael Spencer says:

    I’ve been told the best time to take Oliver oil is on an empty stomach. I do Intermittent fasting and would like to enjoy olive oil right when I wake up. Does a shot of olive oil break my fast?

  11. Arconode says:

    NEVER cook with olive oil – it destroys the good stuff. Cook with lard/beef dripping and then put cold olive oil straight into your food. I use 4-6 dessert spoonfuls a day + 1 spoonful of pumpkin seed oil. Love it.

  12. J Mahoney says:

    I have yet to taste that peppery spicy taste in any of the many different EVO that I have bought. I purchased an EVO from Trader’s Joe that said it has that peppery taste /flavor,but I still didn’t taste it. However, I still buy it mostly from Costco now, and I have tried all of their EVO including their organic. Bobby, from Flav City recommends the one from a single source like 💯 percent Italy. I use a lot of EVO and I also purchase Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil from them also.

  13. unixjpn says:

    1:24 polyphenols are considered to be anti-nturient that protects the the plant so what does it do to humans when consumed. ”polyphenols can inhibit digestion of copper, iron, zinc and vitamin B1, along with enzymes, proteins and starches found in plant food inhibit digestion of copper, iron, zinc and vitamin B1, along with enzymes, proteins and starches found in plant foods"

  14. Dean Martinson says:

    Hello Dr. Gundry, I ❤your information and subscribed, I just saw a video where a Doctor mentioned that if you suffer from fatty liver, type 2 diabetes that we should avoid all oil including olive oil, do you agree?

  15. Arno Bertogna says:

    Want the truth & facts about Olive oil & all processed food oils, then refer to Dr Caldwell Eddelstyn’s research into heart disease – the only peer reviewed research into dietary solutions to reversing heart disease – & one of the first things you do is to stop digesting all forms of Food Processed oils – including Olive Oil – This video is nothing more than an advertisement for Olive oil & no doubt sponsored in some way by the Olive Oil industry.

  16. Liz Rae says:

    I totally agree with you about olive oil,. I'm 73. & had really awful srthritis, my hands were hardly useable, my shoulders were moving. Thought I wauld end up in a wheelchair. Then. i found a great olive oil, where did my arthritis go? I was amazed as my arthritis started to dissappear until today where I only have a small bump on my right index finger. So now I don't believe " it's just part of ageing. I'm living proof. Thanks for all the great hints & tips.

  17. Elliott Noller says:

    Great educational video but I don’t agree with the implication that olive oil is somehow magic and won’t make you gain weight. Yes it does help weight management due to regulating insulin sensitivity but a calorie surplus makes you gain weight. Olive oil is still governed by thermodynamics.

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