Farm Life is the best Life – Harvesting Olives ❤ | PORTUGAL FARM LIFE S3-E47

We are Ken & Gina and we left the UK in 2019 looking for a more effective existence clear of our place of work jobs and the hustle and bustle of the giant town. We bought our area, left the UK and left the Rat race in the back of us to transport to Portugal and purchase a farm. We discovered a fantastic farm in Castelo Branco Central Portugal the place now we have lived for the final two years.

This video is of our 2d Olive harvest and our superb Portuguese neighbours assist us to reap all of our bushes. We sought after to take you in conjunction with us and movie it in some way that you’ll enjoy it for yourselves.

We hope you experience it 🙂



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We are Ken & Gina and we began making OKportugal videos again in 2019 once we determined to go away the hustle and bustle of the UK for a quieter existence on a farm in Central Portugal. Our videos are magazine for us to seem again on at some point and we’re truly satisfied that such a lot of others are taking part in following and gazing our adventure too.

We lately continue to exist our superb 3.5 hectare farm in Central Portugal in conjunction with our cats, Nanook & Mecho and our two canine, DogDog and Mimosa.

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22 thoughts on “Farm Life is the best Life – Harvesting Olives ❤ | PORTUGAL FARM LIFE S3-E47”

  1. Im Being nosy,but curious about your you pay them or you go 50/50? Cause not to many people will do all that plus use their tractor.your lucky though being foreniors to them.i assume they have olive trees for yrs.
    Are you alergic to bees?

  2. When it comes to picking olives, more nog 'n dag. I left RSA in 2004 and have last the accent but I love hearing your's Ken. Love the channel, both you and Gina make life in Portugal look so appealing.

  3. I'm still looking forward to your in depth pruning video Ken😉 When do the Portuguese tradionally prune. My inlaws in Turkey harvest in November and prune in Feburary after the frosts have finished. I'm not sure if avoiding the frosts is for the trees benefit or theirs! Their trees are so tall and over grown I'd harvest with a chainsaw not a shaker🤣

  4. Just saw this one. Did they try a leave blower to get less leaves? So if its all on the ground just blowing the leaves away. Just thinking. Maybe they already tried it.

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