Farming With Salty Water Is Possible

One of the many adverse effects of global climate change is the rise of sea levels, which scientists say can increase the salinity level of fresh water reserves. As saline water cannot be used for irrigation, farm fields close to the seashore are lost to agriculture. But a farm in Netherlands has managed to grow healthy and tasty vegetables in soil irrigated with salt water. VOA’s George Putic reports.

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38 thoughts on “Farming With Salty Water Is Possible

  1. Rachael Kwofie says:

    Thanks for trying to find a solution to the world's problem. Keep up with the good work, I believe there's a way to save those who are affected by these harsh conditions . God bless you. Keep trying new methods until the ultimate goal has been achieved, many lives will be saved . Thank you and God bless you.

  2. Chief Tenbets says:

    Where do idiots get these comments from?? Rising sea levels have had zero effects on fresh water reserves. Rivers and lakes are affected by poor land management like in Australia where millions of acres of land are now useless due to mass land clearing. No fresh water lakes anywhere in the world have become salty due to Rising Sea Levels. This Vid is 100% idiotville stuff.

  3. Sheetal Bhalerao says:

    Trees that grow on sea coast such as coconut Jackfruit jamun Cocum Imali mango palash kadamb babool maulashri shirish baobab banyan peeple umber shyamalan Ritha etc.& other species of the world can be tried with SEA WATER .If succeeded,then plants from the sea coast,of the whole world at a time takingadvantage of Sea water.After greening some moles, then move ahead inside the regions .That will fasten the process of greening world.

  4. Errolea brown says:

    I can’t believe it worked I’m thrilled but also can’t believe that we all for so many years believed the idiots that said you couldn’t put salt sea water on crops my god the world is going to be fed with this and all the worry of sea levels rising will be nothing in the future thank goodness someone had the good sense to try it out and get the results

  5. Jonathan Thomason says:

    Just make the water fresh. Free fresh water for the world

    If she did high school physics, when he was 16 your physics teacher show to warm water at 30° C, falling under the vacuum of more water driven vacuum pump.

    This is very interesting, as boiled water loses all salts and contaminants like a heavy metals. As it was totally pure water vapour. Dropping a weighted snorkel into the sea will turn the sore water into fresh drinking water. Ideal for irrigation all watering animals. Or drinking!

  6. M.A Quadri says:

    Less than 5 ppt there is no problem in cultivation but its difficult in more than five ppt salinity .
    Salinity may be brought dawn by use of Gypsum year after year till salinity is comes dawn . Other steps may be control of pollutants and flushing more and more fresh water and use of other aqatic plants besides Reeds and floating plants .

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