FLYING OVER OAHU [4K] Hawaii Ambient Aerial Film + Music for Stress Relief – Honolulu to North Shore

10 HOUR MIX @ | WATCH ON-DEMAND @ | BUY @ | NATURE SOUNDS ONLY VERSION @ | ABOUT: “Flying Over Oahu” sweeps audience on a calming but awe-inspiring 97 minute aerial voyage over the lovely coastlines of Hawaii’s maximum populated & iconic island of Oahu. Paired with actual stereo nature sounds and a heavenly musical soundtrack composed via Alex Smith with the Cynic Project, this signature drone movie is an rapid vintage, offered in extremely 4K extremely prime definition. MORE INFO:

ABOUT OAHU: Oʻahu, referred to as “The Gathering Place”, is the 3rd-biggest of the Hawaiian Islands. It is house to kind of 1,000,000 other people—about two-thirds of the inhabitants of the U.S. state of Hawaii.

FLIGHT PATH/ LOCATIONS: Viewers start in Honolulu alongside Waikiki Beach, with spectacular perspectives of Diamond Head within the distance. From right here, the adventure slowly progresses alongside the southeastern coast to the following forestall, which is a view of Koko Crater alongside the coast close to the Kahauloa Cove. From right here audience can benefit from the rocky black lava coast because it transforms into a super white Sandy Beach. Experience a best-down view of the Hãlona Cove ahead of subsequent flying to Makapu’u Point, which is the following forestall in this scenic aerial adventure. At Makapu’u, you’ll be able to dip your ft within the seaside and briefly look north ahead of flying proper up to the well-known Makapu’u lighthouse. (From right here there may be the occasional look of Kãohikaipu Island the place lies the State Seabird Sanctuary.) After playing a shocking view from on prime of Koko Head and the coast taking a look south, we once more flip north up the coast and subsequent are transported to Kualoa Point, to take in the lovely palm tree perspectives and far-off vistas of Mokoli’li Island and the a ways off Kaneohe Bay. Next we will be able to strive to achieve the highest of the towering green mountain at the back of Kualoa Ranch, and take in the lovely viewpoint of the island of Oahu as noticed from this pretty shore. From Kualoa, we subsequent are transported to the well-known Mãhie Point at Huilua Pond, house of the Crouching Lion Hike which provides one of the vital highest perspectives anyplace on Oahu. From this viewpoint audience can experience perspectives in all instructions, from the city of Kaawa to the south to Ahupua’a O’Kahana State Park & Kahana Bay / Makali’l Point to the North. Next on our adventure we’re transported to the rugged blue waters of the North Shore at Turtle Bay. This iconic hotel provides panoramic perspectives from either side, together with Kulima Cove & Point to the East & South and Kawela Bay Beach Park to the North. After departing Turtle Bay, audience are then transported to the primary of 2 stops at the iconic North Shore – first at Sunset Beach close to Rocky Point and the Banzai Pipeline; after which to Ke Iki Beach / Rock Piles Beach close to Shark’s Cove, which provides majestically blue and empty white sandy seashores so far as the attention can see. From the North Shore seashores, we begin the adventure again to achieve Honolulu at Sunset, preventing at one ultimate lookout close to the North Shore the town of Hale’iwa for a look on the view taking a look inland of far-off Wind Farms and Northwestern coast of Oahu, and after all at a colourful lookout of Ka’Alaea Point at Uppers Beach Park. The movie ends with a slowly fading but majestic sundown from Waikiki Beach.

GEAR USED: Filmed 100% at the Mavic 2 Pro.


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25 thoughts on “FLYING OVER OAHU [4K] Hawaii Ambient Aerial Film + Music for Stress Relief – Honolulu to North Shore”

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  2. I would have enjoyed this much more without the music and just nature sounds. The music takes away from the relaxation for me. I grew up on the North Shore and this was wonderful to watch minus the music. It is actually sad to see so many tourist and people in the waters and all over the island. I hope they at least respect the beautiful lands and water and don't pollute it.

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