Free Heroin, Cocaine & Meth Are Being Distributed to Stop Overdoses

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Activists in Vancouver, Canada are purchasing medicine at the darkish internet, checking out them for purity after which giving them away without spending a dime. They hope to carry consideration to an exceptional overdose disaster led to by way of fentanyl reduce into boulevard medicine. While technically drug trafficking, native police have up to now allowed the drug giveaways as a type of political protest. The call for is understated: give drug customers get entry to to a secure provide of substances so they do not possibility unintended overdose with each prime.

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43 thoughts on “Free Heroin, Cocaine & Meth Are Being Distributed to Stop Overdoses”

  1. As a heroin addict, I find this disgusting. This is NOT the answer. If I walked by this and I wasn’t strong in my recovery, I would relapse before I walked off that block.

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  3. This may or may not be exactly the right approach at this point in that place. I can't claim to know that. I can say that the people making this happen appear to have their heart in the right place, and are doing SOMETHING to attempt to remedy a terrible situation.

  4. This is just dumb. Singapore and KSA know what they are doing. Sure you would still get those people with fractures inflicted for the purpose of getting "painkillers" but a culture of strong taboo helps in keeping the masses away.

  5. People say "imagine being clean for a month I'm walking by and getting triggers." How about you imagine being clean for a month walk by an old friend that does fentanyl who offers you some for free except you don't know if his drug's is going to kill you or not. 😐

  6. Saber here but i really appreciate ur steps. This make me remember all the harsh time i have gone through pain just to get 1 shot of heroin. Cause I was not having money even started stealing from parents this could minimize all the criminal activity

  7. Why not give out drug blockers not drugs, drug dealing not illegal? Just because they act like they helping they not because they street slinging that’s dealing and supplying, that man is a problem

  8. Everyday I wake up I see another millennial ruining the country. You can still overdose on heroin even if it’s pure🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. This whole idea is extremely flawed

  9. So it is real… Where did our leaders het educated. Closet Genocides R Us. Cause common sense says people that will do just about anything to get the drug, if they het free drugs thats more money for the not free drugs and more chance to overdose….

    How many of our leaders are tripping on thier own supply like Hunter Biden cause it seems like they all are.

    And people thought Trump was bad.

  10. Say what you will, for or against, the truth and reality remains the same, it is up to each individual to make their own decisions. This is a god given and should be government given right to manage your own life as you see fit. The truth is plain to see that the 40 some odd years war on drugs, has been a complete epic failure. It has destroyed and murdered countless lives and the coast is so high, so numerous it's impossible to count. Just say no is the biggest failure of government policies ever since the dawn of civilization, most of the people that push this concept have no idea of what they are talking about to have even the smallest of opinions. because they have no first hand experience or idea of the life style or history of an addicts life. It's like me telling a 12 year old girl what training bra she should be wearing. I am a straight male I never have worn a bra, I will never wear a bra, so how could I have a opinion on the subject. The same goes for people that have never used substance's. Now I want to make this clear because of the miss labelling of the prognosis of substance abuse.. let's look at what constitutes as substance abuse which I think is complete BS. Substance users like alcoholics will generally cross the threshold into the term substance abuse when they consistently consume amounts that are beyond medical or legal guidelines drinking enough beers to raise your blood alcohol level beyond the legal requirements to drive a car wanders into the definition of substance abuse or taking a substance that breaks legal guidelines of government or that has been prescribed by a doctor. So That would mean that your average 150lb person that drinks three to four beers four nights a week in a 2 hours time period is abusing alcohol. B*******. Or a person that takes mushrooms LSD methamphetamine cocaine heroin or any unprescribed drug once in their lifetime abuses drugs. A person that takes two and not one pill over their prescription is abusing drugs regardless of pain level and what they need to help manage their pain at any given time. Once again BS. Now someone that uses any one of those substances a few times a day everyday and has derived problems in their life because they sacrificed that to a substance could consider themselves drug abusers. but someone who uses any one of those drugs once a week twice a week three times a week is not abusing that drug, it should be viewed as altering their perception, and opening there mind to gaining knowledge and thought processes, that they otherwise have narrowed their perception to. This whole substance abuse definition has been an easy tool for media and the government and health care industries to become spin doctors on a god-given right, it's mostly to push their personal agendas and monetary gains. It's designed to cause negative emotions and fear into people. Also to give people negative emotional perspective "guilt"on themselves and others for use . It also gives people the false ability to judge and label others for their own moral high grounds and monetary gain. The truth is that there are a lot more people out there using substances than anyone knows or will admit. This goes for judges, lawyers, doctors, accountants, grocery store clerk, construction worker, teacher, senator stay at home parents, even your grandparents. I live by this "Each to their own" it's your God given right for you to decide what's good for you and your right to pesue that happiness. You won't have me telling you what you should do. You won't even hear from me unless you ask or directly cause consistent problems for me or my loved ones lives. It is not my right or business too judge or govern your life, that is strictly your God given rights as a eternal being.
    The plain and simple truth is Nancy and Ronald's just say no policy has been directly responsible for trillions of wasted taxpayers money and millions of lives. The war on drugs is a complete policy failure because it's governed by people that don't have the slightest idea of what they're talking about. The truth is that a heroin addict does not wakes up and says I think I want to die of a drug overdose today. More than likely the truth is that day they got a higher purity of heroin then they are normally used to because there was no warning label to it's purity. With legalizing substances we do several things first addicts know exactly what they are administering themselves. No more guessing game end to russian roulette. We also drive down the cost thereby reducing theft. We also have turned that person into somebody having more of a ability to contribute to society rather than taking. We also are getting taxes from that to redirect it back into rehabilitation programs vs. law enforcement and incarsiration. . Thereby having the addict Ensure themselves versus all of society paying the massive coasts. Having that availability puts more confidence into themselves as a person and dealing with their addiction they are able to quote on quote be a "functioning addict" and contribute to society while working through their problems. Under our current system that is not possible and that keeps people down. Rather than letting them work through their issues and maybe just possibly keep contributing to their lives and society. Having the this confidence the reassurance, I've seen first hand the difference and there are some people that you would never know had such an addiction now I'm not saying that a heroin addict should be operating Transit bus but there are many jobs that they are not cause a direct threat of life that a heroin addict could do. There is also the factor that when a heroin addict does not have a certain level of the substance in their system they become extremely sick. That doesn't just go for heroin addicts that goes for pretty much any opiate or opioid addict. When that happens they are completely useless but with cheap consistent and available access that person can maintain somewhat of a normal life. It's not like a heroin addict aspires to be jobless homeless and judged by his fellow citizens. Most people don't understand that when you see that person on the streets they are put there by government policies and society stereotypes and judgement. I'm not saying they haven't contributed to that but the truth is the judgment of others and current society structure puts them there and keeps them there. One of the most difficult things in the world is to raise yourself from societies judgements and back into the grips of contributing to society and living the same life as most of use.

  11. This is like falling in a pit, then asking someone to give you a shovel so you can dig your way out. For one who has been in a pit before, this is the "shovel" that keeps a person in the pit. It's all so very sad.

  12. I'm going to also add this inside info. Succinylcholine is a paralytic chemical/drug/medicine used in surgeries. I knew what I was seeing that was being claimed as caused by fentanyl wasn't what you see. No that's not fentanyl……I know this medication very well…used to be in Medicine & have been prescribed it so absolutely not. Then there is a video of a deputy who came into direct contact with what police claims is fentanyl. The deputy suddenly went down & an officer administered Narcain several times wasn't having any real effect…..same in the ambulance wasn't really helping took being in the ER… get the RIGHT REVERSAL DRUG FOR SUCCINYLCHOLINE. He did a follow video & said his lungs were paralyzed…he COULD NOT BREATHE…BINGO THERE IT IS THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR WHAT THE REAL CULPRIT IS…!! So in Fentanyl….they have put Succinylcholine to get rid of the drug users & the homeless. Testing what's being put on the streets is very wise

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