FS22 Most Profitable Production | Farming Simulator 22

In this video I damage down which manufacturing is probably the most winning.

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45 thoughts on “FS22 Most Profitable Production | Farming Simulator 22”

  1. As you said, those final figures are "gross" profit. The numbers on the grape processors look spectacular, but when you figure in the cost of all the vines you need, even with those great monthly figures, it is going to take you years and years to break even.

  2. After posting a warning about listening to random people I went and quoted someone without checking it out. I saw someone report that setting up a grape field is so expensive that regardless of what you do with the grapes, it will take forever to get your money back. I set up a test field and used the prices from Driver53's latest price updates. I built a vineyard that cost $380,430 for the vines. These vines gave me 20,200 liters of grapes. This would give the same number of raisins. The estimated peak price for raisins according to Driver53's video are $4662 or $2797 or $1554 depending on the difficulty level you use. With these prices it would take 4.04 years or 6.7 years, or 12.11 years to pay off the cost of vines. This is only running the factory a little over 3 months of the year. To get enough grapes to run the factory all year would take $1,464,467,18 in vines, but the ratio stays the same so you could pay off the field at the same time. Not sure I would like to try this on hard mode, but the other two don't seem that bad.

  3. I disagree about the greenhouses for two important reasons. Reason one is the space that you need in order to use them. They are tiny compared to the amount of space that you need for all of these other crops. Reason two is that the amount of time it takes to actually care for the greenhouses. All they need is water in order to function, and you can fill them up (at least the big ones, not sure about the others) at the beginning of the year and ignore them for the entire rest of the year until you get to the most profitable month. The greenhouses have the perfect amount of space on the pallets outside and storage space, so that they will store literally everything for a year and a month (because sometimes there's some fluctuation). Sure some of these others are strictly more money, but they also require more space and time to manage. I'm not arguing with the spreadsheet, just your idea of them being the worst.

  4. 12:56 Correct me if i am wrong but i was of the understanding that each production building hade a set amount of cycles it was able to run over the course of 1 month. So if u did run both let´s say Wheat and Barley into Flour the game used this monthly set numbers of cycles and split it betwinn those 2 or however many productions that building hade active for that month. So wouldent it then be better from a stand point of the amount of grain processed/month to only have the 1 type of grain active that gave u the most flour output/cycles. A simple example would be if u only ran 1 type of grain and 1000 wheat got u 1000 flour but 1000 Barley got u 800 flour. Now if u have them both active the amount of cycles are split betwinn them so the mill only process 50% of each so u would get 500 flour (wheat) and 400 flour (barley) = 900 flour if u ran both Wheat and Barley at the same time vs that u would have got 1000 flour =100 more if u only used Wheat.

    I hope i dident complicated this to mutch and that it made sense. To sum it up do the buildings have a set amount of cycles per month that is then split based on how many diffrent crops are active in that building or does each crop have there own set amount of cycles/month regardless of how many other active crops the building have active?

  5. I really don’t think your values are correct. Firstly average sell prices? No one will sell anything in the worst months. A better value would be avg sell price in best month. Or perhaps 80% of that value.
    I don’t think you can make multiple flour types simultaneously as the rates will change for each product added on.

    How many bakeries do you need to consume the flour?

  6. I am sure this is a bug, but with all the guides to production videos I have watched, I can't believe no one has mentioned this one. I built my own Spinnery. I harvested my field of cotton and got enough cotton to run my factory for 15 months. I was trying to decide if I wanted to replant the cotton. I got a contract to harvest someone else's cotton field. When I looked at the #9 map, I saw that the contract was sending the cotton to MY Spinnery. I harvested his field and took the cotton to my spinnery. I got paid $6900 for the contract and now I have over 40,000 liters of free cotton to put into my factory; enough for another 14 months, so now I can plant something else in that field this year.

  7. I did just run some tests on greenhouses – and your math is the limit of income.
    The production rate of greenhouses is based on water usage, which is a static rate. The output does not increase if you select all products:
    – 1 product is produced at 100% rate.
    – 2 products are produced at 50% each.
    – 3 products are produced at 33% each.
    In essence the decision to produce all three allows you to hedge against the market, and average the income over sell price of each. I think most folks would pick lettuce, just because it produces slower (for a higher value), so there is less labor to ship to market.

    I think what would be interesting to know about the other production facilities is whether they are similarly limited – either by input product or production capabilities.
    (There's so many tests to run and so limited time per day!!!)

  8. I thought the production chains don't work as fast when you are running multiple things in it? Like say you had the oil mill and you put in sunflower and canola, instead of processing both of them at 4800 per month or would split them and only do both at 2400. Or it's that wrong? Idk I'm genuinely asking

  9. Or just do one larger wheat field, 3 chicken coops, and with easy settings when selling year production of eggs at November (and straw in December) you'll have so much money after a few seasons, that you can go ahead towards any production chain based on fun and not profitability 😀

  10. At 7:30 he said Oats twice. Did he mean a different crop?
    Otherwise this was extremely helpful. I started making my own comparisons and figured someone had to have already done so. Phew! Thank you!

  11. The one bit you left out here is some kind of total profit. For example, I find bread to be really slow production, but one harvest of wheat will give me enough floor to be making bread for over a year, and then I have a steady income year round. Whereas Canola Oil produces quite fast and from one harvest I have to store to sell in the right month otherwise it would all be sold before it reaches its peak price.

  12. using the pallet storage and logistics mod helps you see a snapshot of everything you are producing in one location. So far works well except honey it won't take. It may be due to not having trigger control over the honey drop location.

  13. Trees are slow to grow and grapes are expensive to plant and they take so much time to take care of and to harvest. I like to produce clothes using wool and cotton. Also tried cereal but i think any production chain that needs too much crops and other stuff is not worth it.

  14. This is not correct. Greenhouses are way most profitable. I played a lot already. Cost only water and have most profits. You need to calculate the cost of making the milk or getting the crops for the production. Then your excel will be totally different. Cows costs lots of money to produce milk. Cant just buy it. So according to my research and playing its totally the say around then you say here. Not using mods that is, otherwise its more easy of course.

  15. Greenhouses are undervalued. Start up cost is next to nothing and only requires water, which you can get for free. They pay themselves off super quick and it's basically pure profit

  16. Grape processing unit sounds great, but you can’t automate grape production, and you need over 140,000 liters of grapes per year to keep it running at full capacity. The grape harvester has a max capacity of 3500 liters. It would be INSANE to keep it stocked at full capacity at all times. Unless I’m missing something…

  17. I wish you could have a couple of options for new farmer mode per map where you could start on the normal farm or a different farmhouse on the map and maybe have a hay/animal setup like Erlengrat or now a vineyard setup

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