Gourmet Portuguese on a Budget

Chef George Mendes of Aldea is this week’s Chef on a Shoestring. He’ll prepare tomato bread salad with basil cilantro and black olives, Chicken with rice, mussels and summer peaches with yogurt.

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9 thoughts on “Gourmet Portuguese on a Budget

  1. ? SERGIO ? says:

    To my knowledge paella isn't Portuguese. So she's kinda right, it's some kinda hybrid meal Portuguese/Spanish. If he had cooked bacalau à bras, porco alentejano, then I would I have said she was wrong. But rice, chicken and mussels.. That's paella stuff.

  2. P S says:

    To everyone in the comments, as far as I know George Mendes started off studying french and spanish cuisine, hence why his food isn't only Portuguese.

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