Green Gold, The Olive Oil Chronicles: Being Frank (Episode 2)

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Being Frank means visiting Sicily every October to taste the “olio nuovo” (“new oil” in English), an early harvest unfiltered extra virgin olive oil. The Franks have been in the olive oil business for a little while now, and their annual trip has turned into something more like an extended family reunion. This episode is stuffed full of epic food, breathtaking landscapes, and a quick lesson in what it takes to get your olive oil neon green. If you are so inclined to try the Franks’ oil, go here:

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40 thoughts on “Green Gold, The Olive Oil Chronicles: Being Frank (Episode 2)

  1. metaturnal says:

    i love those roads in italy, every time i go to italy i love using the crappy road in my aunts' fiat panda, eating all the delicious food. and then I go back to switzerland the richest country in the world and miss all the aspects of living in italy.
    I bet my aunts olive oil is better, but they only do a few hundred litres.
    and it's so easy to make a fire with olive branches, no one uses oil.
    love the frank's

  2. KajiRider1997 says:

    My familly has a farm palermo just like that, maybe a bit smaller, I don't really know because I have no point of reference to compare them by. We also had an ancestral patch of land in Chiusa Sclafani which my grandpa sold in the 50's.
    14:21.. lol my mom keeps saying I need to add more salt.

  3. Ardalan says:

    First time i watched this video was i think 2014/2015. This video has had such an impact on me, specially the Ardigna part… the impact has been so severe that i have done 4 trips to Sicily just to eat at Ardigna. We have it as a yearly tradition now. I understand why they go there every year.

    For everyone. If you get the opportunity… do a trip to Sicily and Ardigna in November. ITS AMAZING.

    This is from our first trip 2016

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