Grocery Shopping In Texas – What To Buy At HEB and Central Market

The very first thing we did after touchdown in Austin, Texas is head immediately to HEB and Central Market grocery retail outlets to movie a Food haul video! I’ve gotten such a lot of requests for this video, and since Art and I had been going to Austin for paintings, we figured that we needed to make this video. Wow, HEB is superior, it has such a lot of prime quality and wholesome pieces for a truly just right worth, particularly the central marketplace emblem, this is most sensible notch. I may just no longer consider the wholesome oils variety at HEB and the ones pasture raised, natural, soy loose eggs, wow! We had a good time in Austin, particularly on the fan meetup, it was once so cool striking out with you guys, we defo want to come again! Mad love Bobby…Dessi…and Art! XOXO

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39 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping In Texas – What To Buy At HEB and Central Market”

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  2. Hey Bobby! Been following for you for some years, when I started following you I was living or at least to what I consider a healthy life style. Sadly on 2017 I moved to Mexico which is literally impossible to find Bobby approved products. Or at least it is in Cancun. Now I’m back in USA Texas to be exact and you are definitely helping me to eat healthy! Ty

  3. This is my Favorite Supermarket IN THE WORLD, Whole Foods is second, and Central Market (owned by HEB) 3rd. I have been to soooo many grocery stores through out the use AND even overseas and HEB by far is my fave. They have sooooo many great "good for us" choices and their produce is unbeatable. During the summer months, I make 3 stops weekly. Whole Foods, HEB and a farmers market for super good produce. I am definitely in my happy place then. Single serves are to test the product I would say? I have done that soooo many times at Whole Foods. Justin's nut butters , NuttZo seed and nut butter, etc……..before some people plop down 13$ for a jar of peanut butter maybe they want to taste it first. Just a guess. Great video as usual Bobby and Art……..❤️

  4. I discovered the Bulgarian yogurt last year at HEB…and that is all I want now! I'm so glad you were in Texas. I live about 200 miles west from Auston, on the border, and the only "decent" store is HEB…

  5. Wow how did I miss this! Central Market is my happy place and yes definitely a place to find unique items. Love it even more during the holidays they bring so many international items

  6. I am considering on moving from Seattle to Houston. What is the health food scene, are there options, good selection in fruits, veggies, just curious?

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